Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spotted blue tongues

There's been a influx of dogs with spotted blue tongues this past week. I always thought that a whole or partial blue tongue meant a dog has some Chow Chow or Sharpei in it but apparently that's not always the case. Some breeds, including Labs, sometimes just show up with spotted blue tongues all on their own. Either that or they've been licking too many blue flavoured slushies (what flavour is that anyway?).

Retriever Danny has got abundant energy and will need lots of exercise as well as some training. He's a pretty attentive dog, though, so the training shouldn't be too difficult.

Hendrix, the Collie mix below, is one of those popular dogs whose photo I take and before it even gets put up on the site, he's already adopted.

Well, Red at least looks kind of like a Chow Chow. Some Chows can be indifferent to strangers but this one is quite friendly though not in any pushy sort of way. He waits politely for you to make the first move before he comes in for more attention.

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Falen said...

that's so interesting about the spots on the tongues because i, too, had alwasy been told that means there's some chow in there. But at the shelter there were so many dogs that came in with spotted tongues that were clearly not chow in the least that we had started to wonder.