Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stanley - Lost dog notification - FOUND

Update: Found. See third comment.

My name is Elisa. I am emailing people who are invested in animal well being to get more eyes looking for my beloved pet. He went missing late at night on Oct. 10th from Yonge and Sheppard area in North York, and the last reported sighting was at Bayview and Post Rd, by Sunnybrook Hospital.

He is a neutered male, mixed breed dog, looking mostly like a collie/St. Bernard/Bernese mountain dog mix. He is mostly a reddish-brown colour, with a black/white face. He is wearing a muli-coloured, striped collar with City of Boston tags. Stanley is very shy with people, so I think the best chances are for people with dogs who might spot him to call Animal Services at 416-338-7297 or the Humane Society at 416-392-2273, as well as his family at 416-xxx-xxxx. Stanley was just up visiting for the long weekend, so he is not familiar with the city. When calling the family please ask for Jason. I am attaching a couple of pictures of Stan, as well as a flyer. If you have a center where the flyer could be posted it would be much appreciated, as well as mentioning, if possible, to connection, staff, clients and/or friends. We miss Stanley very much and hope to be reunited soon.

Please note I've left out Elisa's phone number but her e-mail is elisahegg @ yahoo.com without spaces. In the flyer, there is mention of an unspecified amount reward.


Ian said...

I don`t know if this would help but perhaps they could list Stanley on this lost and found database.
Hope he`s found

Anonymous said...

I hope he is roaming Sunnybrook Park and didn't get into more serious trouble. Sunnybrook park is a pretty inviting place for dogs, thats for sure. Its like doggie heaven in there. I will keep my eyes peeled for Stanley. I will pray for him and the family as well. Losing a pet is horrific, to say the least


Jenn said...

Great news, saw on another blog that Stanley was found this morning. :)

From Jason the owner here:

"Yahoooooo, Stanley has been found!

He was located in the parkland behind the Ont Science Centre. He was in good shape though very scared. Once he saw my fiancee and recognized her he ran right to her, whining and wiggling with delight.

Thanks for your help in bringing him home. The Toronto dog community is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you’re on a dog-walkers/dog-lovers email list, please pass this info along, along with my deep gratitude.


Fred said...

Thanks, Jenn for the update. That's terrific news!

Anonymous said...

Thank god. A happy ending... Poor guy probably thought it was all fun and games in the parkland until he spent a night in there with the wildlife


Ian said...

That`s great news.