Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three for the road - pictures

(Continued from here)

Spike is a handsome lad with a very classic Pit Bull look. He's got those super short cropped ears because his previous owner wanted a tough looking dog to macho up his own penile self image. Rumour is that Spike was used by this small membered owner to sic on someone but all the dog managed was a nibble. Ah, poor Spike. Tough guy image with a mouth that's only good for kissing.

Malakai is my new litmus test. I show people her photo and if they don't smile I suggest they go take a hot bath to thaw out their frozen hearts.

Here she is doing her happy happy joy joy shuffle.

Inappropriately named Nitwit is friendly with all and is a prime example of how unjust and stupid our Ontario anti-Pit Bull laws are when they target these dogs as a breed. The citizens of this province might be better served if our pandering political law makers came up instead with breed specific legislation against people who kill cyclists with their cars.

Here's young Nitwit playing fetch for probably the first time in her life.

Ten minutes later, with the help of some treats and guidance, she was returning the ball and releasing it fairly successfully. Not a nitwit at all.


Social Mange said...

I'm in love....I really like Spike with his sad eyes, would like to make those happy eyes.

Sharon said...

Aww what an adorable trio! I've been excitedly waiting to see their pictures since you first mentioned they were there. These Fur Babies are so sweet, its hard to believe when they are the victims of some horrible tragedy like a "nitwit" of an owner, they're the ones who get sentenced to death, and the owners pay a fine. Such a backwards world. Thank goodness for places like Bad Rap, and Bullies in Need who step up and help these incredibly beautiful and gentle souls.

Ian said...

Great looking dogs as is the St Bernard pictured earlier.

I was just thinking that perhaps the last Pit Bull was named in "honor" of the former AG of Ontario.

Smartypants said...

These pictures/videos fill my heart with joy! I can't stop giggling at sweet Malakai!

foxpen said...

Aw dang. These three sound like the BEST dogs. Perfect pets, I'll bet.

Heather B said...

Darling Spike looks more Great Dane than PB. Perhaps a good vet could change his status.