Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucky 13

13 Shih Tzus were on the news yesterday. A woman had phoned Toronto Animal Services and asked for the dogs to be removed from her apartment in Parkdale. The story told by the owner was that she'd been looking after the dogs who had belonged to a recently dead relative but couldn't deal with them anymore.

The dogs, 8 pups and 5 adults, were picked up and brought back to TAS. All of them were covered in shit and piss and heavily matted. 3 of the pups are curious about people but most of the rest, especially the adult ones, get quite anxious when approached. It's like they'd been kept in a box their whole lives. Luckily for them, their fear doesn't translate into biting so they'll probably all do okay once settled into caring, responsible homes and judging from the constant phone calls and the stream of people going into TAS and filling out applications for them, placing them won't take long.

It's amazing what a little news segment on a major TV network can do and I'm really glad for those 13 little guys. If only some of that spotlight would spill over onto the rest of the non-celebrity dogs waiting in their kennels.

These three pups below are wary of people but love their litter mates. I'm sure they'll warm up to people as well eventually.

The adult females below, who have not yet been cleaned or dematted, are petrified of any human approach. There's a third one in the back who buries her head in the other two and won't even look up. They're not fear biters, though, but I don't want to touch them because I think I might give them a heart attack.

Now these pups below are doing okay. Typically happy puppy frenzy and an eagerness to meet everyone passing by. Can't wait to take them outside.

The remaining adult males were out getting their spa treatment when I was at TAS so I didn't get a chance to do their photos today.

Continued here.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Meaghan Edwards said...

They are precious. Thank you, TAS, for stepping in to help these little guys!

Laura HP said...

Wow, that is just insane. I love shih tzus, my dad has one. They're crazy but so lovable. With that many, it's lucky they got on the news. And hooray for TAS getting on the news for once!

Jenn said...

Aww, I'm so glad they're in a safe space now. Those poor adult females shivering away... I hope they all get fantastic homes that will help them overcome this rough start/ time.

Anonymous said...

Poor wee mites! But, as you say, people are lining up around the block to help even the terrified females find love and a happy future. Now, what about the equally terrified mutt in the kennel down the row who is not cute and has not been on TV? Surely there is someone for the mutt?

Social Mange said...

I wonder if TAS could get a camera crew to film some potential adopters (with their permission) going through the shelter and looking at ALL the dogs, and get some airtime for the other dogs who don't come with the same kind of backstory.

Laura HP said...

I have to add, a group of rabbits came in yesterday and we were joking about how we could get the newscrew to come see them, but I won't be holding my breath =P
I can't believe how many animals are there now! It's been a crazy month.