Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update on Victor and Luna

From Victor's (aka Quincy) owners to TAS:

I wanted to send you this picture of Inka AKA Luna and Quincy AKA Victor who met at the park on Monday. They have become very good friends.

Thanks for all your hard work in trying to get them a home. Quincy is doing very well and we love him very much.

Looks like someone used the shrink ray machine on Luna and ended up with Victor (or vice versa).

Another photo of Luna here.


GoodDog said...

Yes! I wanted to see Vicot and Magnum together but this is even better!

Jenn said...

That is an awesome photo. Victor is Luna's Mini Me!

GoodDog said...

oopse Vicot = Victor
Always a bad idea to type with a puppy in your lap.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are absolute twins, It is uncanny.


Ian said...

Very cute picture.
I really enjoy seeing pictures submitted by the new owners when the dogs have settled into their new lives.

Marcie said...

Woah! Pretty cute, and what a pair. They look so much alike (well except for the size obviously)

I have 2 min pins in my house right now from a shelter in the States...they sure made a long journey and are running around my house like well..typical lil crazy min pins. I thought of the pair you posted earlier as soon as I saw them.

Fred said...

Hey Marcie, you fostering or keeping? Either way, congrats on the new household members.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see Victor because it's me to rescued them at Montreal.

Victor I wisch you a very nice life whit your news friends.


Marcie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Fred :)
The dogs just were here for an overnight Mid-Transport. They came from a high kill shelter and are in a foster home now. I signed up for emergency short term fosters for times like this. Sometimes they have the dogs but nowhere to bring them when they get to Canada. So it could be a night or a few but nothing long term.

The min pins were crazy!! They barked, peed on stuff, attacked my dog a couple of times but when it came time for snuggles they had that down to a fine art. I've rarely seen animals so attention starved. Made me wonder about their past that's for sure. Anyhoo, I was happy I could help out, they needed the break. Transport is very stressful and scary for them but it's a helluvalot better than the alternative.