Sunday, October 18, 2009

The end of Pit Bulls

Tomorrow, on October 19th, Michael Bryant, the man largely responsible for bringing BSL and the resulting mass slaughter of Pit Bull looking dogs to Ontario, will be in front of a judge to plead his case in the killing of cyclist Darcy Allen Sheppard.

While killing thousands of dogs simply because of their looks has nothing legally to do with the killing of a cyclist, let's see how karma judges Bryant for his overall performance as a human being.

Leading up to Bryant's plea, I thought I'd post a couple of links showing the real, up close and personal consequences of Pit Bull abuse and slaughter.

The first one is from Bad Rap, "Hallowed Dogs - A Compassionate Goodbye for Victims of Cruelty".

Below, Oklahoma handler of public service working pit bulls, Molly Gibbs,
describes her experience of giving a dignified death to two dogs from what is being called "the largest dog fight bust in history." We agreed that the stories of these two dogs must be told, as they represent untold thousands of pit bulls-without-option across the country, including and especially those dogs from the big raid that will not be lucky enough to find their way into already crowded rescues.

The photos in the above piece are especially hard to look at not because they show anything graphic but because they show love before it was extinguished.

The next post does contain graphic photos. "Time to wake up to the horrors of BSL", from Wag The Dog!, is about the mass slaughter of Pit Bulls in Denver by city officials.

As the poster writes:

Now, just before you lean back and wipe your brow to think this is a Denver issue or this isn't happening here.. think again.

This happens every day right here in Ontario. We have the numbers. Over 5000 dogs have been killed right here in Ontario since August 25, 2005!

Something to think about come tomorrow.


Ian said...


I read this morning that Mr Bryant won`t be appearing in person but would be sending his lawyers.
I wonder if that`s normal procedure?

Heather B said...

yes , its normal. They will set a pre- trial date, then a trial date , then decide whether its judge and jury or just a judge, then they`ll argue about the charges , then they`ll have him plead guilty to lesser charges and fine him. It`ll go something like that anyway.
Then he goes about his business like nothing happened . And thats law in Ontario for the rich and famous.
But for my dogs, its kill `em and then talk about it.

Anonymous said...

sigh. i wish i hadn't seen the second picture

Amy said...

We live in an unbelievably cruel world. I don't even know what else to say. The links that were posted are absolutely heartbreaking.

I do hope that karma comes back to haunt Michael Bryant, but it won't surprise me in the least if he gets off without much punishment. I hope that I am wrong, though.

Social Mange said...

An article in the Toronto Star today stated "The lawyer for former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant appeared in court Monday and said that she and her client want to move the case along."

No freakin' way, man. He should wait for his day in court as long as Phillip Huggins has. Four years and counting.

Bet'cha Bryant thinks he can return to the political arena after this.

Rita said...

The pictures of the dogs are heartbreaking. I just can't imagine how the owners and these poor dogs must have felt- what a nightmare.
I know I'm being very stupid here but did they have to stack the dogs one on top of the other like so many pieces of wood? Is there no respect or dignity to be had at all?
As for Bryant, I suspect that not much will happen to him in the legal arena and his career will not suffer but I sure wouldn't want to be him during those quiet introspective moments we all have with ourselves.

animal*lover* said...

that is terrible i cant believe some one would do that to a poor helpless animal, and just because of the way they look. i have a pit bull myself and i would never be able to forgive myself if any thing were to happen to her. she is every thing to me I LOVE HER.
and i agree with rita u shouldn't just stack them up like they are pieces of wood. y don't they give them any respect or dignity. hall they deserve it after every thing they have been through.

Brit c said...

I wish i could beat the shit out of who ever touched those beautiful dogs .Animals should never be treated like that .Respect animals the way u do ur family.

Anonymous said...

OHHH Canada!!! Very sad.

william said...

why would you do something so mean and viscous like that. that man should go to jail for a long time.

Anonymous said...

how is it that these dogs are miss judged? its heart breaking to see this mass slaughter! in am a dog lover and i raise pits they are just loving creatures.

thebombshelter said...

If you think the second image is bad, you don't want to know what they most likely did with them after they were done with their killings. Most likely they went to rendering plants and were turned into dog food. Sad Sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Member of the APBR and we fight the BSL with all our Force we got!The American Pitbull Terrier is 1 of the oldest bred in the World.Not all Pitbull are Killer,Fighting Dog's or Bad but the Organisation BSL and all who work for them,they ARE.I really don't understand that a Killing Organisation like BSL can exist in a Century like now.The Pitbull still fights,right!?He fight to survive but without our help we will see more and more Massacre like this.STOP BSL immediately!Humans like them should be slaughter.........