Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pit Bulls and cyclists beware

The architect for Pit Bull deaths in Ontario, the infamous in some circles Michael Bryant, is now under arrest for the vehicular death of a cyclist.

Witnesses described an angry confrontation between the driver of a black Saab convertible and the cyclist. They said the vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road and drove up on to a curb trying to knock the cyclist off for about 100 metres.

In 2005, Michael Bryant, then Attorney General for Ontario, pushed through his Pit Bull ban as a subsection of the Dog Owner's Liability Act. This stroke of his pen has resulted in the sanctioned killing of hundreds if not thousands of Pit Bulls, from pups to geriatrics, regardless of temperament, in this province.

This killing still continues.

Here's Bryant after a court battle in which a constitutional challenge was tried against his law.

"This means that the law continues, which means no more pit bulls in Ontario," contends Michael Bryant. "No pit bulls sold, bred or imported into the province of Ontario.

"People should continue to leash and muzzle their pit bulls; pit bulls are banned in Ontario, and that has been upheld by the Ontario Superior Court.

"Pit bulls remain banned, the purebred definitions of pit bulls are banned, anything substantially similar to those purebreds are banned."

Michael Bryant was also awarded Now Magazine's Best Toronto MPP for 2008.

You can draw your own conclusions (but if you want them posted, please refrain from violence).

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borderjack said...

Go Karma! was my first thought.

As Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha ha"

(I'm sorry a cyclist had to die, but I feel neither empathy with nor sympathy for Mr. Bryant. It's about time he got a come-uppance for distoring facts and misstating statistics and killing dog breeds he knew nothing about, all for political cache. His resume would've been just fine without a pit bull ban)

Anonymous said...

Great.One less pit-bull at the wheel on the streets of Toronto for the time being.
Anyone surprised at this behaviour should study up on 'defense mechanisms' (Psych101).
And why no charges for 'leaving the scene'? Heading to the Park Hyatt is just like heading home for Bryant.
And all the media reports closed to comments? Hmmm. Ya' right.
'How the mighty...' yadda yadda yadda...

Anonymous said...

Criminal negligence. The hit-and-run last night, I mean.

Gee, this guy has caused a lot of deaths, when you think about it.

Sue said...

Seems that Michael J Bryant is much more of a threat to public safety than pitties.

He is a ticking time bomb...and most certainly should be banned....

RIP Mr. Sheppard and 1000's of innocent dogs in Ontario...

EB said...

Toronto Life ran a profile on him this month. What awkward timing for them.

Fred said...

EB, I didn't read it but if they were all a-ga-ga over him, they shoulda done their due diligence.

Meaghan Edwards said...

I hope he now feels what it's like to be persecuted. Additionally he should either be euthanized or banned from the province.

Anonymous said...

Dalton was certain, on the news tonight, that the courts would treat Bryant as equally as any other citizen.

Meanwhile, the media were pumping out images of bike couriers as marginal free spirits zigzagging on our roads unlike the - harrumph! - suited mandarins of our province who (usually) stay in their appointed lane.

Shannanigans said...

karma might not be swift but I do think it catches up with all of us

Marcie said...

I hate Michael Bryant & it makes me sick that there is pressure to spin what he did. Imagine the charges if one of us intentionally used our car as a battering ram to kill someone, then took off afterwards. Ugh, this whole situation pisses me off. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate this man anymore, then he does this.

Anonymous said...

Blatchford and Radwanski at the Globe & Mail today seem to be avoiding the whitewashing in the other media.

borderjack said...

In a very karmic way it was gratifying to see him in the back of a cruiser looking “pale, sweaty and frightened”, as Christie Blatchford of the Globe wrote today.

I’ve always thought Bryant was an arrogant, smug little punk, and not only because of the pit-bulls. He’s a self-absorbed egotistical show-man. This will, hopefully and thankfully, put an end to speculation that he may run for premier some day. Could you imagine? Maybe he’d turn to mongrels like the Danes.

However this story unfolds, it will never change what he did to the DOLA, or to good dogs and the people that responsibly care for them. He may very well be able to play the self-defence card and get away with it, because he wasn’t a troubled man battling alcohol and other demons, like the cyclist may have been. But however this ends, it will always be with him. And because I believe he is a self-absorbed smug little punk, I also believ that this kind of public ‘tainting’ of his superstar image is a real kick in the ‘nads for a man of his “station” in life. It really feels like karmic justice. So if I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU karma.

Anonymous said...

Second that, borderjack! You expressed it so well.

Ian said...

This is absolutely bizarre.

I also can`t believe how this is being played out in the Media.
I did notice that some articles have closed down comments for legal reasons.

I can`t fathom why he would hire a PR firm.
Doesn`t a Lawyer usually speak for the accused when a person has been charged with a crime?
Even if all they have to say is no comment.

Curt said...

Finally a story that tells the truth on the Michael Bryant Incident without spin:


Looks like there is some media that can't be bought!