Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here's something from Greyhounds in Need of Adoption. They're an Ontario based Greyhound rescue group. Check out their website. It's pretty cool.

(I don't know much about these guys so please do your own due diligence.)

From GiNA:

GINA is Greyhounds in Need of Adoption – a non profit, volunteer run organization in southern Ontario dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds.

After racing Greyhounds retire they have the potential to make great pets. But the transition from ‘Racing Greyhound’ to ‘Pet Greyhound’ is easier said than done. Most retired racers have never spent time in a house before and they need to learn things like how to walk on stairs, that windows are solid and that floors are slippery. Luckily, GiNA has a network of foster families all over the GTA and southern Ontario dedicated to training retired racers as pets. GiNA even pays all food and medical bills for the dogs while they are in foster care.

But GiNA’s dedication doesn’t end there. Someone from GiNA meets with every adoption applicant and interviews them to assess whether they are right for a Greyhound, and whether a Greyhound is right for them.

As far as retired racing Greyhounds go, they make great pets. If you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back and friendly dog, a Greyhound could be the breed for you. Yes, they’re a bit bigger in size, but they take up a surprisingly small amount of room and are just as comfortable in an apartment as they are in a house. Even more surprising are a Greyhounds exercise requirements. They require no more exercise than most other breeds of dogs; 1 or 2 good walks a day is all they need. In fact, they’re affectionately known as “40-mph couch potatoes” to many of their owners. The chance to go off-leash in a fenced-in area is a welcomed treat, but not necessary.

There is lots to learn about GiNA, retired racing Greyhounds, and how to adopt one at their Annual GiNA Picnic and Fundraising Event, Sunday Sept. 13, 2009 at Meadowvale Conservation Park - Area C, 1081 Old Derry Road West, Mississauga. This is a Greyhound exclusive picnic, but is open to the public, with no pre-registration required, and is free to attend, but donations are encouraged.

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Miz Minka said...

That's a very good web site indeed! One more thing I think GiNA should have mentioned in their FAQs (especially for adoptions in Canada), instead of simply saying that the dogs "should not be left outside for long in any weather" and should wear a dog coat or sweater for walks on very cold days, is that Greyhounds have NO bodyfat, which is also the reason why they're affected differently by anesthesia. IOW, if you're going to get a Greyhound, you should find a vet who is familiar with the breed's particular physiological quirks, should the need for surgery ever arise.

I once adopted a Greyhound from Greyhound Friends For Life in California, and he was the sweetest, gentlest "40 mph couch potato." They make great housepets! While my Chow mix was a notorious "power counter surfer" who gave me great incentive to keep the place very neat, my Greyhound was the best "power lounger" and loved spending time on the couch or the bed instead of getting into trouble. :)

I lost him to aggressive osteosarcoma when he was only eight. I'd get another Greyhound in a heartbeat if I could.