Friday, September 25, 2009

PSAs go to the dogs

(h/t KC Dog Blog)

Now head on over to the Shelter Pet Project website and check out the snazziness. We need to put together sites like this for our shelters up north here. Yeah it's all just surface polish but lots of people will be attracted by the shine and anything that shines up the shelter dog image is fine by me.


Anonymous said...

Wow -That is snazzy!

This is kinda neat too:

It is put on by Lane Crawford which is a high end department store in Hong Kong. Check out that portrait book they are selling! If only we could get Holt Renfrew to support the TAS like this....

Laura HP said...

The snazziness is very nice! I feel obliged to say that I wish they included other animals, instead of just dogs and cats as always. But that is a super-nice website and I bet a lot of shelter pets find their way to new homes through it! I love the ads, especially since they'll actually catch people's attention.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god those are great adds, so true. It's nice to see someone finally trying to break down the stereotypes that shelter animals are plagued with. This is a step in the right direction