Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keep on keepin' on

Pressure continues to be exerted on the Toronto Humane Society by a second round of protests at the facility's location on River St. Not having to deal with cold drizzle or a temperamental sound system, this protest went off even better than the first one three months ago.

Several speakers took the microphone to talk about their experiences dealing with or working at the THS and as could be expected, not much luv was thrown the way of THS management. Stories went on for a good two hours about THS leader Trow's outrageous temper towards Joe Public, neglected animals dying, excessive lawsuits. As someone said, if all the complaints about the THS were to be aired, the protest would never end.


Heather B said...

Great to see such a good turnout .
I did read in our `favourite` paper reports by THS spokensperson saying that the group was mostly disgruntled ex-employees , once again.( I`d stop reading it but I like the political cartoons)
How many pissed off ex-employees does it take to get a man fired?
And if that statement was true, wont the more thinking human wonder why they were fired and ask questions, since there seems to be hundreds of them ? just wondering.
Man I wish I lived closer so I could be with these people in body and not just in spirit to rid the THS of this man and get it back to being humane again.

Ian said...

Are those people looking at that dog in front for the reason I think they`re looking at it?

This makes that Sarnia story even sadder if that`s at all possible.

I guess a certain law is being applied unevenly.

machina said...

That's my dog they are looking at..What's the reason you think they are looking at him besides him being good looking? ;)

Fred said...

Hi machina, in case Ian doesn't see your question, I think he may be referring to the possibility that if you walked down the street in Sarnia and Sarnia animal control drove by, they might try to take your pooch away cuz they're such keeners when it comes to killing dogs that look even remotely like Pits.

And yes, your dog is very handsome, especially with his ice blue eye. Maybe that's what the two in the crowd were looking at.

machina said...

Oh, yes. I get it often. He's actually a husky/shepherd with a cane corso. Of course that means nothing when you have a brindle, muscular dog ;)

I muzzeled him in public to be safe for a while but SO many people agreed that he wasn't 'pit enough' to be muzzeled so I stopped..

I know it's risky buisness, sadly :(

Ian said...

I guess I should have explained myself better.

The dog is gorgeous but I was thinking that perhaps some people might think he falls under this crazy law and maybe that`s why they were looking at him and perhaps wondering why he wasn`t muzzled.

I frankly don`t get which dogs fall under this law.
That dog named Ginger that was in the news looked like a Chocolate lab mix to me so I just don`t get it and I don`t know how owners are supposed to know if their dogs need to be muzzled.

Ian said...

Your dog is beautiful Machina.

I thought perhaps the people were looking at him thinking he was one of the dogs that fall under this crazy law and were wondering why he wasn`t muzzled.

I just don`t get this law at all even after doing some reading about it.
What dogs other than the 3 Breeds they named are supposed to be muzzled?Does anyone know?

machina said...

In person, Ginger is very obviously a staffy.. but she's a DOLL! She is all tail wags and kisses.

Any dog that is short haired and muscular is at risk. There is no way to prove that a dog is a 'pitbull' so any dog that fits this type could be labelled as a banned breed.

Last year in Mississauga, a man was walking his two boxer pups (brindle and still had their tails).. he was stopped by animal control and ordered to hand over his dogs because they were 'pitbulls'. Her reasoning? They were BRINDLE. So obviously, the big problem here is people being misinformed. Whether it be the media distorting the pitbull image to the public or animal control officers being power hungry (not all of them!).


machina said...

Some people think Charlie is a bully, some people think he's a Great Dane, some figure out he's a Corso X.. he's unique looking indeed.

kittyzkitty5 said...

how can people ever treat animals like this i would never neglect animals like this .this is horrible im glad some one else is incharge now......... when people do this it hurts hurts more to neglect than to be neglected