Thursday, September 17, 2009

Based upon true events

It's called a creative reinterpretation. Tim Trow, prez of the Toronto Humane Society, or one of his website content lackeys must have had a major brain fart this morning when they came up with their newest "headline".

From the THS site which I'm not going to link to because I don't want to catch anything (click to enlarge):

What follows the headline is a complete reprint of yesterday's editorial in The Sun by Peter Worthington, who will hereafter be known as Tim Trow's personal typist, about the bad experience Worthington's stepson, Guy, had with Toronto Animal Services a few weeks back. (If you haven't read the editorial, you might want to make yourself do it now - don't worry, it's no worse than, say, washing week old dirty dishes - or else this post will make no sense.)

So, first thing I gotta ask is, How did David Miller get dragged into all of this? Is the mayor's name ever even mentioned in the editorial? Did Trow read the same editorial everyone else did or did he get the special David-Miller-isn't-allowed-in-our-treehouse-nyah-nyah-nyah version? Maybe I missed something, but does Trow have a hate-on for the mayor now? If Miller walked into the THS and asked to adopt a puppy, would Trow personally scream at him and get Tre to throw him out?

Their staff tells people to take them to the Toronto Humane Society as they ‘euthanize on Friday’s’

Git yer reading glasses on there laddie. No staffer told anyone to take their cat to the THS. If you read s-l-o-w-l-y and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y, you can make out the words: "You could try the Toronto Humane Society," Guy interjected. No, really. They're right there. On the printed page. On your printed page (click on image to enlarge):

So, unless Guy, who is the stepson fellow in this contaminated story, has suddenly transmorgrified himself into a TAS staffer and then failed to mention it to any of his readers, I'm guessing that it was not staff telling people to bring their animals to the Toronto Humane Society, it was Guy - cuz, you know, that's what it says.

What's that called again when you put words into someone's else mouth in an attempt to defame their reputation?

They kill 50% of the dogs and cats that come through their doors.

Excuse me while I spew. Can a person get callouses on their tongue from spewing too much? Trow should change the name of the THS to They Kill 50% of the Dogs and Cats that Come Through Their Doors because then he wouldn't have to find flimsy excuses all the time to print those words. They'd just be staring everyone in the face 24/7.

P.S. Yesterday while reading the Worthington editorial on its original Sun webpage, I noticed there were a bunch of comments posted about how the readers thought the piece was a big pile of doo-doo. Today, those comments are all gone. Technical glitch much?

P.P.S. About that ten day rabies hold thing and how ha ha isn't it funny that anyone would think a little bite from a little dog could be any danger at all, I was reminded today about the poor pup purchased from Dr. Flea's flea market last year. It was cute, it was cuddly and it had rabies. Anyone care to guess how much time and money it took to vaccinate everyone who came in contact with the pup? At something like $700 per rabies vaccine, not to mention all the detective work it took to track everyone down, all the time spent with doctors, all the legal paperwork, etc., etc., it came to something like a few hundred thousand dollars or more. That's pretty darn tootin' funny alright.

And FYI, a Public Health officer may allow a dog under a rabies hold to go home with the owner if the owner can prove to the officer that the dog will not come in contact with any other human or animal during that period. At the very least, that would require living in a non-communal environment (eg. not an apartment building or anywhere else with a shared exit) with direct access to a private backyard.


Ian said...

I remember reading your post about how Calgary Animal Services and Calgary Humane Society work so well together for the benefit of the animals.

This is so sad that this Gentleman behaves in this manner.
Hopefully he`ll be ousted so the animals will come first and both organizations will work together.

I`m glad you mentioned that there had been comments.I thought perhaps I was losing my mind.
I was sure I had seen some.
I remember someone had called his writings BS.
Why ask for comments if you`re going to remove them?
He could moderate but perhaps they were all disagreeable to his point of view and that`s why he removed them.

Marcie said...

There were 8 comments on the article when I saw it last. None of them were in favour of Worthingtons one sided BS. It pissed me off that he made it seem like it was TAS' fault his godsons dog bit someone. His godson should keep a better eye on his dog, it's not omplicated. Anyhoo, as always THS takes nothing and tries to turn it into a big issue. With a little help from Worthington, Trow actually thinks he had some sort of story here. I'm going to assume that this story is a little fabricated, sort of like the AGM packages that people got from the THS this year.