Friday, September 25, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday review, Sept 25

Liam looks like a Hound crossed with a Dobie to me but I wasn't sure until he voiced his opinion and it sounded like a long baleful woof. He isn't overly talkative, though, and I think if you could get him to sing in key, he'd make a nice accompaniment to a piano.

Coburn is another high energy, kinda crazy, I-luv-everyone black Lab.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Toronto Animal Services South will be having an adopt-a-thon at the Kennel Cafe on Roncevalles so if you're in the neighbourhood, please drop in and say hello to some of the dogs (and cats too). Please check their website for hours and location.


machina said...


I was wondering.. how come TAS never has pitbulls for adoption? I inquired about a older (LEGAL) female they had on their lost/found website. They said they will temperment test them after the stray wait and if they pass, go up for adoption.. but I've NEVER seen any pits for adoption on their website..??

Fred said...

I can only talk about what I know for TAS South wrt Pit Bulls. They generally don't like adopting out Pit Bulls here in Ontario because of what might happen to them if they are brought to other jurisdictions in the province. As evidenced by what just recently happened in Sarnia a few weeks ago(, any Pit Bull looking dog can be picked up and possibly euthanized in jurisdictions that are only too eager to enforce their perception of the anti-Pit Bull law.

Most Pit Bull type dogs from TAS South that pass temperament tests are shipped out to provinces where Pit Bulls are still legal, usually through a rescue organization like Bullies in Need (one of the AC officers at TAS South is actually a BIN member). Occasionally, TAS South does adopt out Pit Bull type dogs but I think they only do it in exceptional circumstances (like maybe if all the dog's paperwork is in order which is almost never the case with abandoned dogs).

Here ( and here ( are a couple of examples of Pitties which were adopted out here.

There are actually three really lovely Pitties at TAS South right now waiting to be picked up by BIN (and transported out east, I think). I'm supposed to be taking their photos next week so I'll post them up when I do.

I know it's not an ideal solution, sending all these dogs out of province, but given the situation here in Ontario, I guess the rescue people at TAS South, would rather play it safe than sorry for the dogs.

Lynda said...

It certainly makes a lot of sense to ship these guys out of province. Definitely better safe than sorry. Sad, but true.

I ran into a muzzled "pit cross" on the weekend. The girl who owned him was so nice and we chatted it up about him wearing the muzzle in public. My dogs clearly did not understand and wouldn't play with him. That was the yucky part. She said that happens all the time. I told her it was too bad we're moving off the acreage - where he could have come and played muzzle-free anytime.

machina said...

Definitely agree. I work with Ador-A-Bull rescue, and we send them out east too.

Someone had mentioned to me that they euthanized all pits that came into the shelter, so I'm glad to hear they are given a chance :)

Keep me posted on any sweet legal females that they may adopt out!

Fred said...

Sounds like the East Coast is getting a lot of amazing dogs from Ontario.

TAS probably does euth a lot of Pit Bulls because a lot of Pit Bulls probably don't pass the temperament test. Because of BSL, Pit Bulls that are allowed to walk back out the door have to be model citizens, way more so than other dogs, way more so than most people.

machina, are you seriously interested in a female? If/when you are, then drop me an e-mail (under my profile) and I'll keep my eyes open for you. One of the three TAS South has right now is really sweet, gets along with everything, but I think is going out of province.