Tuesday, October 7, 2008

French connection

First walk outside, ever.

Quebec's got more puppy mills than any other province in Canada so it's unfortunate but not too surprising that in the last couple of weeks, two puppy factories were raided and hopefully shut down for good. The first seizure involved over a hundred animals and the second over two hundred. That's over three hundred dogs who suddenly needed to find new homes.

So that's what the sun feels like

Toronto Animal Services is helping out with the rehoming and the first batch of dogs arrived on Sunday. I've seen them and they're all pip squeaks. You can probably juggle all of them and eat an apple at the same time. Okay, I'm kidding because if you had them all together in the same room at the same time your head might burst from all the excessive cuteness.

So that's what fresh air smells like

A couple of them are a little shell shocked from the experiences of their past lives but hopefully it won't take long for them to break out of it. I know a little sunlight, fresh air and green grass will help. And being pip squeaks, I'm sure they'd like some warm laps to snuggle into so if any of you have any laps you'd care to bring down to TAS to help with their rehab, please feel free.

Happiness is a patch of grass

In case you're thinking: Hey, these dogs don't look in such bad shape. Maybe those puppy mills weren't so nasty after all... Well, actually, we just got some of the luckier ones. To see where they came from, take a look at the video:


Anonymous said...

How does one help with the socialization of these dogs? Does one just go to Animal Services and ask to pet dogs, or does one sign up for a volunteer program?

I ask because I'm time constrained, I can't commit to a specific amount of time per week, but I'd like to drop in and help when I can.

Anonymous said...

People are disgusting! I'm so glad this place was raided and these animals were seized.

Caveat said...

Poor little tykes. If I wasn't already up to the bylaw limit here I'd take one or two :>)

We really need to get more information out there to the public - don't buy dogs from pet shops or over the internet, don't buy dogs from people who 'deliver' without having met you or who will meet you on the highway with a puppy.

If you want a little mutt, check around your neighbourhood or go to a shelter - they have lots of 'designer dogs'.

Otherwise, find a breeder - and you'll have to look because they don't advertise in the paper - go through the grilling process and be prepared to go on a waiting list.

There are breed rescue clubs as well if you are fixed on a certain shape of dog.

A lot more people know this than did in the past, but seriously, if nobody was buying dogs from unknown sources, the mills would shut down pretty quickly. They're not dog people, they're only in it for the money. No money, no mills.

Fred said...

TAS would prefer that you sign up for the volunteer program but really, once a dog hits the adoption floor, you can just go in, say you're interested and request to take it for a walk or just hang out with it.

If you're interested in these puppy mill dogs specifically, they're still under observation and may get some additional medical care, grooming, etc. so they're not up for adoption just yet and you'd have to be a volunteer to help out with them at the moment.

Signing up for the volunteer program is no big deal, though. If you can't commit to a weekly schedule, I'm sure TAS would understand that you're more interested in a drop-in type arrangement.

Fred said...

Well put, Caveat. You've reminded me that I should put up a list of things to look for in a good breeder.