Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was talking to a dog rescue worker in Montreal last night about the situation there with the SPCA and the proliferation of privately run, for profit pounds and I'll have more on that hopefully by tomorrow (if I can resurrect my home computer back from the dead), but for now, check out this article she recommended. It's from the New York Times, "From Porn to Puppies" and it makes a connection between the recently deposed executive director of Montreal SPCA, Pierre Barnoti, and on-line porn kingpins. It also involves a missing $4 million, possible SPCA name misappropriation, Iraqi puppies and Bible thumpers. Yes, it's a deep, messy gob of slime to wade through and it's best to read the whole article but if you just want the SPCA-related bits, start on page 5.

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Elizabeth Abbott said...

What a weird coincidence! Just today I donated money to that very same SPCA International to help bring Ratchet, a service woman's dog, back from Iraq. It was Terry Crisp, who is well known for rescuing animals from natural disasters, who is supposedly involved in rescuing Ratchet.

Perhaps symbolically, the guy mentioned and pictured in the NYTimes article is as ugly as his alleged porn businesses.

Cathrine said...

Maybe this should surprise me, but it doesn't. Clearly Mr. Gordon, the center of the mess, is a hyper entrepreneur for whom The Deal is more important than who he is dealing with.

Technically, he is right: he does not 'do porn'. Equally clearly, he has managed to gather around him a nucleus of clients whose character is as dubious as his own.

I bet dogs really are rescued from Iraq. Terry Crisp is real, if apparently muddleheaded and easily deceived. But whether that balances the dogs that could have been rescued with the $C4 million that has allegedly vanished from the Montreal SPCA coffers I cannot say, not knowing the work of the latter organisation.

Sleaze is right, and I do hope M. Binot has to pay back every penny, as well as serve time, for everything that can be proved against him. Time for some serious forensic accounting.