Monday, October 27, 2008

Highway of hope

written by Johanne Tasse a few months ago for a caacQ release,

As I am writing this article I just sent my last email providing details to the driver - details that will ensure our precious cargo arrives at its destination.

Transfer to where, what are you sending, merchandise ... I guess they are to be considered as such since they were discarded. But the difference is this product has a pulse, feelings and lots of love to give.

Since the beginning of January, we the rescue group members of the CAACQ were quietly going about our business of sending dogs to Ontario. It just started with a few every second or third weekend then the numbers of animals being abandoned was increasing and so did our transports.

What is happening? Maybe the long winter discouraged many to adopt, when spring arrives things will change. Spring has arrived and nothing has changed. The members of the CAACQ could no longer accommodate the ever growing demand. We had to find a solution to provide a safe haven for these abandoned pets no longer cherish by their owners. Some had valid reasons: death, divorce, sickness - but for the most part just a change of lifestyle and the family pet was getting in the way.

Euthanasia has long been the tool of choice to rid the problem of pet overpopulation.
In Quebec the issue of pet overpopulation is swept quietly under the carpet. City officials are not interested in the issue, "taxpayers' money not put to good use". The provincial goverment offers us Anima Quebec to appease the animal activists and the federal government - well it’s just too enormous to comprehend.

Nothing is working to reduce the number of unwanted pets. So what is the problem?

The lack of will and empathy is at the root of the current crisis. As you are swiping your credit card to pay for that new puppy or kitten, you have signed the death warrant of hundreds of animals, who through no fault of their own find themselves on the euthanasia table or worse.

Harsh you say! No, not really, I am pointing out a reality that we face each day.
The irony of this export of dogs to Ontario is they are being adopted at a rate that we would never dream of in Quebec. The mutts are always overlooked here so when I select the ones to be shipped I will give the "mystery" breed the best opportunity to find a home, the one who is older, or has been overlooked because of it’s imperfections.

It seems Torontonians don’t really care if the ear is not straight if the tail is crooked or that it’s not in "perfect" condition. Perfection is not what they are looking for. They seek a good family dog. That would qualify Torontonians as guardians. Guardians, who will cherish, care and accept this animal as the family pet.

For many Montrealers the 401 is a long trip to visit family and friends.

For these fortunate creatures it’s the highway of hope, a trip of a lifetime.

Please adopt and if your companion animal is not sterilized make an appointment today.

Be part of the solution not the problem.

Johanne Tasse
Founder of the CAACQ

P.S. Sadly cats are being warehoused across Canada and euthanized by the thousands. If you have feral cats in your neighbourhood do not feed them, instead have them sterilized.

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Lynda said...

I must say I consider myself ignorant of all things Quebec. Therefore, I was not aware of the situation facing pets there until I read about it in your blog, Fred.

I was also not aware that imperfect dogs were not desirable. How could you not want a 3-legged dog or a deaf or blind dog? (for the record, I have 2 deaf great danes and they're wonderful!) I'm glad these dogs are finding homes here in Ontario.