Friday, October 24, 2008

Great Dane at risk in Montreal - 1

In my conversation with Johanne Tasse last night, she mentioned that there is a Great Dane at one of the Montreal pounds right now. We don't often get Great Danes at Toronto Animal Services, in fact none have ever gone up for adoption in the time I've been there - though one did stop by TAS for a few days until it was picked up to be fostered by Great Dane Rescue Inc.

I've got a soft spot for Danes so I made some inquiries about the Montreal one.

He's a 7 month old merlequin Dane, reportedly friendly with people and dogs, but untrained and wants to hump other dogs.

The rescue person who saw him had this to say:

"I think he is good looking, I whistled & he responded immediately. We did not take him out of the enclosure. He just wanted to be super friendly, but he would have bowled me over out of excitement in no time flat. Kisses through the cage. The situation is not good healthwise for these dogs living in these pens they are on wet, cold, cement 24 /7."

Unfortunately, the rescues in Montreal aren't experienced with Danes and I'm not so sure they'll put this guy on their list to take out of the pound. Also, it appears the dog's size is somewhat intimidating to them so I'd say he's going to be stuck in his cage for a while or until he gets euthanized - which may be sooner than later given the city's high kill rates.

I'm hoping that someone familiar with Danes and who is near Montreal or is going to Montreal, can do a proper assessment of the dog as it would be really helpful as a first step to getting him either adopted or fostered.

I'll keep posting on the situation as it progresses.

Continued here.

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melissa said...

hi, you should contact rosie's adoption agency she works with many vet hospitals and is able to get him treated if needed and on to a foster home as well.