Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on Rambo

Looks like Rambo's finally being rewarded for spending all that time in jail. Thanks to Caveat for supplying the link.


Anonymous said...

He certainly looks happy in his new province. Let's hope he finds a great home where he will be respected and loved for the rest of his life.

And let's hope Ontario gets its head out of its a55 and realises that penalising dogs for the crimes of people is dumber than even the usual dumb legislation passed as a result of media hysteria. Did you know Denmark has repealed its anti-breed law because they found it did nothing to curb bites and attacks?

Would that Ontario would be as sensible....

Lynda said...

Thanks so much for the update - I was wondering about Rambo. He looks so HAPPY!!! Great ending to a horrible situation.


Ian said...

[quote]And let's hope Ontario gets its head out of its a55[/quote]

Apparently Ontario has it`s head too far up it`s a55 and it must be crowded, because their Justice system appears to be up there also.
Very disturbing that this Legislation was upheld at that level.

"reasoned apprehension of harm"
Could they cite this Court case to ban people from entering or to remove people from Ontario or does it just apply to animals?
I gather they can add any Breeds now, that they can`t capture under substantially similar characteristics.

Happy for this dog though.
Sorry for his owner and others who may suffer from this.

Fred said...

I really believe that as long as the majority continue to believe pit bulls are monsters, we will continue to have laws that reflect that opinion. Before we can get the law changed, we need to educate our neighbours. Before we can educate our neighbours, we need to get the media on side or create our own.

It's going to be a long hard slog, though, because people love having something to hate.

Ian said...

[quote]because people love having something to hate.[/quote]

Agreed and it`s not politically correct or legal to hate or spew hatred towards groups of people whether it be Blacks,Jews,Muslims,fill in the blank.
But apparently it is politically correct/legal to hate 'pit bulls' and to spew hatred towards the people who choose to own them.

I`m not sure how it`s legal to spew venom/hatred towards the people who choose to own them.

Shouldn`t this minority be protected under the same hate laws as Jews,Blacks,Muslims,homosexuals...fill in the blank?

If a pit bull owner was beaten up or killed by someone solely because of their dog....what then?

Would this make the Media take a step back?
Would this make the majority start to think for themselves?

Would this be considered a hate crime or would it be somehow justified due to "reasoned apprehension of harm".

I really can`t believe the comments(threats?) I hear or read that are directed towards these owners.
I hear them everywhere.
I fear for the safety of the Owners of dogs that look like the Public`s perception of Pit Bulls.

If I fear for them,can you imagine how they feel when they walk out the door with their dogs.

I`m surprised that human rights can`t somehow get involved in this.

Is this the new Canada?

Anonymous said...

I was just told by someone that was told(I know??) that the 'pit bulls' in Toronto that are even up for adoption(I`m assuming they were talking about THS(I should have asked) are kept separate from the other available dogs and are in a room that says "Dangerous dogs" and people considering these dogs for adoption must sign a waiver.

I`m very cautious about believing what I`m told and certainly what I read in the Paper but has anyone else heard that and could it be possibly be true?

If that`s true,how do you even begin to educate the Public?

Once again I don`t know if this is factual.It sounds crazy but then`s Ontario.
If it`s true....."great way" to help the dogs and the cause.

Fred said...

I can't say I've heard that. It sounds a little implausible, actually, if only because of liability issues. But, if you find out where your friend heard about the signage, I'd be interested.

Anonymous said...

Checked with the acquaintance who relayed that to me.
An acquaintance of theirs said they went in to look at dogs and that sign was on the room where the adoptable pit bulls are being kept.
Should be easy to verify(or not) if you can go in with a camera and take pictures.

They have adoptable dogs listed on their website which say experienced dog owner etc and they give other info on some of them and the law but it looks like THS is trying to adopt them out not discourage people.

Perhaps it`s a room where seized dogs are kept pending the outcome and this individual was mistaken about the dogs being up for adoption.

That might explain things.