Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rescued but not saved

Over 400 Pit Bulls were retrieved from a dog fighting ring mostly located in Missouri and Illinois. Without having even met them, let alone temperament tested them, PETA and the HSUS think they should all or mostly all be killed because of how dangerous they must surely be.

If they're so dangerous, how come these photos show the dogs being carried around without muzzles on by strangers? Sorry, Pacelle and Newkirk, but if you think these dogs are irredeemably vicious and need to be euthanized without trial, then you're more dangerous than these poor animals will ever be. And possibly soulless as well.

The rest of the photos are here.

The whole story here.

Excellent commentary here and here.


Kara said...

Sadly I believe Iowa was involved in the ring too.

So sad.

zigspective said...

"Soulless" is a pretty darn accurate summary of Newkirk and her organization.