Friday, July 3, 2009

Update on T'Loup

T'Loup had some unforeseen problems initially but it looks like everything's worked out for him now:

Letter 1:

Hi Joanne,

I want to let you know that little T'Loup went to his "furever" home today and it was a match made in heaven. Lorne & Audrey - a recently retired couple with a backyard, a couple of cats and lots of love and time have adopted him. To top it off, his new Daddy speaks French.

I brought him for an initial visit with them (and their 2 cats) on Tuesday and it went very well. So today, they came to take him home. Truly, I've never seen T'Loup so happy. When it was time to leave, he practically dragged his new owners down my driveway, his chubby little body and tail were just a'waggin, he couldn't get into their vehicle fast enough.

They called about an hour ago to tell me that on the drive home, T'Loup hopped into the front seat, onto her lap and licked her face all the way home. They are so happy to have him, they said it feels like Christmas (no surprise given the amount of things they bought for him - toys, treats. bed, a special harness that is also a seat belt, etc.,)

I would sincerely like to thank you for all you've done. Because of you, T'Loup now has a home to call his own and people who love him. You did a very good deed helping this little lost soul find a new and happy beginning.

Bless you, and Merci from T'Loup.

Please pass along this good news to Ruth, and also heartfelt thanks.

Letter 2:

When Ruth checked T'Loup's back and behind he was fine (and I'm sure he is), but not with me. Even today, he grumbled when I tried to clean his feet. The little devil...

You can't imagine the change that can over T'Loup after he met this couple (at their place) on Tuesday. Later that night when we were back home, he climbed onto my lap and starting licking me. I was shocked, the only time he sat on my lap and licked me was in Ruth's office, simply because he didn't want me to leave him there. The little devil...

Anyway, a couple of minutes after that, the phone rang but I was too busy to answer it, except T'Loup started crying when I didn't (and he had never cried before) so I did and it was Lorne & Audrey telling me they had decided to adopt him !!

This morning (for the 1st time ever ) he groaned and grunted at the bottom of my bed to get me up. I think he knew they were coming for him.

I took him for a walk and when we came in, he stood looking out the front door. Well, when he saw them coming up my drive, his tail and chubby little body were just a shaking and wagging all over. It was a beautiful to see.

When it was time for them to leave with him, I was sitting on the floor and he came over and licked and licked me. Then went over to Audrey, rolled onto her feet and then rolled over on his back and started squirming like a worm. I think he knew he found his home and was staking his claim :-))

The little devil...


Ian said...

What a nice update.
Glad people take the time to let you know how things are going.

Roaming Tigress said...

What a terrific. That dog (and his new owners) have won the lottery!

Miz Minka said...

WOW, that is so amazing... Some "furrever" friendships are just meant to be!!! I'm thrilled for T'Loup and his new family.