Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on Rusty

Remember this guy here. The poodle. You hardly tell it's the same dog looking at his new photos.

From his new owners:

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Rusty is getting on in his new home. Things are going really well and there have been no major problems. We go for 2 walks a day (Rusty and Nancy) - he is terrific on the lead and everyone we meet just thinks he is adorable - as do I. He is taking a little less food at meal times (but plenty of rollover) so today we decided to go to 2 meals/day and see how it goes. He doesn't gobble his food anymore and actually had to be told to finish up a few times - seems there is too much going on to just ignore for a minute and eat a whole meal.

He is getting the hang of bathroom outside but we've had a few accidents. I think he knows but we are not quick enough to figure out his cues. Sometimes I think he is much smarter than we are. Henry plays ball with him in the back yard and he brings it right back every time for about 10 times. Then he won't go get it. Then Henry gets it and throws again so he gets it and brings it back - and puts it under a chair. The Henry tries one more time and Rusty gets it and hides it in a bush thinking the whole time "why doesn't he stop - I'm tired".

Talking about Henry he did relent and Rusty sleeps in our bedroom. He is good as gold up there - settles right in and no sound until I get up about 7:30. Last night Henry went to work at 5:00 until this morning at 7:00. There was a little pining at the door - laying there staring at it for 2 hours actually while I was finishing up work. Then I took him for a walk and Henry was out of his mind for the rest of the evening but there was great delight when he came home at 7:00 am.

This little dog has so much joy and happiness in him we can't help but love him. He really does want to make us happy. We have heard the growls and even had the baby cat do what I feared most. The first meal I gave Rusty, Cleo suddenly walked right over to the bowl. Rusty started the growl - the cat backed up - end of problem. Since then however, as the cat approaches the bowl Rusty is the one to move and the cat actually sits there and has a bite of food before I can get in to remove him! Can't believe it - cat (little one to boot) is ruling the dog. That cat is just itching to be friends with Rusty - she jumps over him - runs around him trying to get him to play. When he finally does start to run Cleo stops and raises a paw (no claws) and the game ends with a clunk. Oh well - one day they will figure it out. KC on the other hand has accepted Rusty without issue. In the typical cat way however, he does just stalk past him sometimes stopping for the briefest nose to nose but all the while you can read what's going through his mind, "Cats rule, dogs drool". I guess he is a one-dog cat and in his mind nobody can replace his dear friend Digger - but you never know...

I took him to my parents yesterday - what a good car passenger he is - laid on the back seat floor - not a peep - all the way out to Aldershot! My parents have a nice little dog named Tasha who is usually quite shy. They met each other and Rusty sat down beside me and did not move while the other dog turned herself inside out to have him come and play. He walked with me around their yard and was afraid to walk over the diving board and Tasha jumped back and forth saying "its easy - do it like this - come on, you can do it". Finally he carefully walked over the bright white surface and was very excited with his accomplishment. I am looking forward to the day when Rusty is secure enough to run and play with Tasha because that will be a sign that he has finally come to realize that nobody is going to hurt him and he can be the dog he was meant to be.

I have to thank you both very much for everything you did with Rusty over the last 6 weeks. I know we would not have this wonderful dog if it weren't for many, many hours of hard work and dedication that you both put into training and socializing him. You did a really wonderful job and he really shows what can be accomplished with both the hard work and affection you gave. Your very special people and I hope the PSB Rescue knows how very lucky they are to have you in their corner.

We'll keep in touch and let you know how things go in Rusty's life - I am sure there will be lots of happy tails to tell!

Best for now,
PS Hope you like the attached pictures - we have 90 or so, should you ever want more :)


House of the Discarded said...

Who can't help but love a happy ending like this one?

Gotta love the cute butterball cat on the dresser above the dog too!


Lynda said...

Yay, another happy ending! Thanks for the smile, Fred!