Monday, July 27, 2009

Still waiting for the strike to end

From caacQ:

Tazz. Australian Shepherd mix. Female weighs about 40 lbs, possibly in heat, injured back leg(walks with a bit of a limp) very frightened, terrified of going indoors, most likely was abused very very submissive. Maybe 1-2 years old.

Unnamed Chow Chow. 7 years old, surrendered male neutered. Very nice, obedient and house trained. He is a big suck, other dogs attack him and he says nothing.

These are just two of the dogs who could have been pulled from Montreal pounds/shelters and transferred to Toronto Animal Services for rescue by now if the city strike weren't still dragging on. Every day the two sides keep arguing brings these dogs a day closer to being euthanized.

Last week that's where I thought they were headed but with news that the strike might be over any day now, there's hope.

Still, I have to wonder, in the last 5 weeks, how many dogs could we have saved who are now gone?

Here are a couple of others.

Everest. Golden mix. Male, intact, very friendly, great with other dogs, listens very well, doesn't bark much, clean in cage. Bad ear infection possibly ear mites since the Surolan hasn't been working to treat it. Possibly 2-4 years old.

Tobby. Lab. Male, intact, surrendered, good with cats, dogs and small children. He is VERY obedient, house trained. He is a great dog and has been with us over a month now. He is about 5 years old ... was surrendered because he looses fur!

Update: Oops. Stop reading the news for a couple of hours and miss everything. Looks like a tentative deal has been made with both unions. Ratification vote on Wednesday. Back to work right after that hopefully. I don't see why there would need to be any ramp up time at TAS.

If all goes well, maybe we'll see a load of rescue dogs come in by the end of the weekend.


Social Mange said...

What happened to the TAS dogs transferred out to Hamilton? Do you know if they got adopted?

redstarcafe said...

"Every day the two sides keep arguing brings these dogs a day closer to being euthanized."

Whoa! Explain me that, Batman. If a single hair on the back of any of these dogs is harmed because of the strike, that falls squarely on those who chose to walk and those who didn't pick up the slack.

Fred said...

Social Mange, I only know about the three from TAS South and when I last checked the HBSPCA website, one of them, Keenan, is still there. Hopefully, we'll be getting him back.

Heather B said...

How`s Bach? and will he be coming back to you?
As for the strike, glad its over , maybe. Curious to know how many dogs and cats died for and because of these greedy assholes?

Fred said...

Yes, Bach will definitely be coming back and there is even a chance he may be going into foster if not a permanent home. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Biscuit said...

Oh, I hope he gets a nice home! Thank you so much for all the updates, Fred.

redstarcafe said...

OK, now the thing's settled! What happens to the animals that have been placed in other shelters? Hopefully, they are all either placed or still available for adoption?

Fred, thanks so much for checking on these little guys during the strike. I wish everyone cared as much.

Garbage, Centre Island, day care. Good to have them back but first and foremost, it's about being able to get these little guys out of their cages and into forever homes.