Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop the BSL madness

From Fran Sullivan at REPEALING BSL in Ontario's Dog Owner's Liability Act:

Well, ONE WEEK today to the press conference at Queens Park on Nov. 18th starting at 9:30 am.

PLEASE insure that your letters or email are in the mail no later than Friday.

After MUCH work we have the FINAL POSTER. I am attaching it here but it is also on Cheri's support page and the EVENT page.

(click on image to enlarge)

Please PRINT off and POST EVERYWHERE that it will be EFFECTIVE. Vet offices, pet food stores, work places, schools ETC. If EACH of US puts up 3 posters each, it could amount to thousands AND all over the province of Ontario. This is a POWERFUL tool and I hope everyone will use it.

Clayton Ruby has confirmed that he will be attending.

We willl have a representative from the Dog Legislation Council of Canada who wil be speaking at the event.

If you can make, or have signs, bring them. However, there will be a few available for people to carry.

Check the support page out this coming week for other last minute updates. Example? A possible radio show with John Tory?

My sincere thanks to everyone that has joined the group, who are putting out posters and who have written letters and emails to their own MPP's and Cheri alike.

WE can and will be a voice for the voiceless. On this Remembrance Day, along with all our fallen hero's and brave soldiers, I am also remembering all the fur babies lost to this senseless, discriminating piece of garbage legislation.

May our rights and privileges be returned, may there be a end to 2nd class citizenship in Ontario.

It is because of each and every one of YOU, that an end to legalized discrimination is on the horizon and the possible end to many more senseless deaths, in the not to distant future.

Now, let's get to work.


Lynda said...

Count me in. I will be at the rally for sure. This is insanity, I feel like I'm watching a really bad movie - like this can't possibly be happening.

borderjack said...

I met Fran at the park yesterday...with her lovely dog that really shouldn't have to wear a muzzle. She told me she's had about 130 folks tell her they intend to come, but realistically (given that it's a workday) expects closer to 50.

She really emphasized the need to to write our respective MPPs, and I agree. I really think that, if unable to attend, we need to write, write, write to get the message across that there are LOTS more supporters out there who simply couldn't come because of work commitments, etc...

Anonymous said...

I printed 10 and will post them all around my area

Can't make the rally so that's the least I can do

Wish I could make the rally