Friday, November 13, 2009

Update on Spike

A really wonderful letter from Spike's new owners:

We got your message yesterday and I believe my husband gave you a shout last night but I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for rescuing Spike. I couldn't believe that someone had given him up and he had been in the pound. Spike has been a fantastic addition to our family and is feeling right at home as last night he decided to come up on the bed last night and rest his head on my back lol. He just loves to be loved and wants to please everyone.

We have been taking him to the leash free park almost every day for a good run besides his walks and he has made lost of new friends who he loves to run with for up to an hour only stopping quickly for a drink. Spike already has a special place in my heart as I had gone through a cancer surgery last year and had promised myself that I would get up and get active after that and up until we got Spike there just didn't seem to be enough time. Now we get up and go for a lengthy walk in the morning and evening which is making me feel a whole lot better despite any ailments.

Other than his doggie friends he has made a wonderful new friend in our 2.5 year old daughter who just loves him! He's very gentle with her when they play and he sleeps outside her door until we come to bed to keep an eye on her I guess. We thought we would take him to some classes come the spring though so we can teach him some manners lol. As you know he likes to jump a little but we've done pretty well with it and I can take him to the park and just say "down Spike" and he usually doesn't jump up on anyone. We also think someone has given him people food in the past and he puts on the most prettiest face when we eat. I'm sure he'll have his fare share as our daughter will sometimes drop things on the floor when she eats but other than that just good dog food and good treats for him. Boots our cat is still getting used to him as he always wants to play and the cat is lazy and wants to sleep. I've found them asleep in the same room before and when Boots comes in if he's gone outside he rubs up on Spikes legs so I know there is some love there as well.

Thank you again to you and your shelter for Spike as we hope to give him the very best life he can have healthy and happy!


Unknown said...

Now this makes me very happy. Way to go Spike! I hope he and his new family have many, many healthy and happy years together.

Ian said...

Great update and wonderful photos.
He`s home there`s no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Now this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone seems beyond thrilled. Look at those smiles, spike's included