Monday, November 30, 2009

Toronto Humane Society legal bills

Over the weekend, interim president Bob Hambley told the Star that, under THS bylaws, the organization must cover the legal costs of directors, including Trow.

- from Toronto Star article, "Humane Society closed indefinitely".

It should come as no surprise that the same group of people who have consistently used THS funds to try to silence critics by attacking them with lawsuits now want to further deplete those funds by using them to pay for legal fees for their defence against the cruelty and obstruction of justice charges levied against them.

I've often wondered what it must be like to sit on the Toronto Humane Society's multi-miilion dollar jackpot to sue with as I please. I'd probably start by suing my neighbour who wears the colour red way too often. The colour red on his unflattering physique displeases me. Sometimes he will stand at my doorstep, asking to borrow a ladder and he will be wearing a red t-shirt. It's disgusting. I would sue him for that, for that personal affront. I would sue him for 1.5 million dollars. One million would be to cover my loss of income due to the amount of time and energy I would have to divert to pursuing the lawsuit in the first place. The additional half million would be for the threat of physical violence that the colour red is imbued with. No, he hasn't actually directly threatened me, but he has implied it simply by the colour of his shirt.

And basically, I just don't like him because he once criticized my gardening skills, saying that all the plants in my front yard are dying because I neglect them by not watering them often enough to which I say it's not my fault that it doesn't rain as often as it should.

I realize that my two dogs will suffer while I pursue my various lawsuits. They might go unfed for a few days. They might go unwatered as well - but they do have the toilets they can drink out of - after all, I'm not a cruel, neglectful owner. My only real concern is if they fall ill. I can only hope they will understand that because I am using my time to fight a greater cause for the general good, I must by necessity overlook their individual welfare.

As well as coming up with and funding lawsuit strategies against my many enemies, I would of course also be using a portion of my charity's funds to fight off those libellous charges which have been lobbed at me by ungreatful neighbours for opening a chemical dump in my backyard.

Their claims that their pets and children have been disappearing into the dump never to emerge again or that they've been experiencing large open oozing sores on their skin and that they bleed from their eyes, ears and noses whenever they approach my house are purely fictional, politically motivated statements meant to smear me in the press. I am innocent of those charges.

My army of supporters will never be swayed by such talk. My maids, for example, whom I imported from various countries with vaguely Oriental sounding names, stand by me unequivocally. They love me, as a matter of fact and - yes it's somewhat embarrassing - but they sort of view me as their saviour. They would never turn against me. They wouldn't dare.

... a source inside the shelter said the two issues are closely intertwined, and provided financial documents to The Globe that showed that the charity had spent $418,609 on lawyers so far this year, compared with $276,248 on emergency animal care.

-from Globe and Mail article, Ontario probes alleged employee theft, kickbacks at Humane Society

Every time the THS board pays their lawyers out of THS donations to issue another threat of lawsuit or any other legal bladdy bullshit bla, that much less money goes towards saving the life of an animal in distress. Timmy needs to justify to everyone who has ever donated to the THS the number of animal lives lost because $418,609 was wasted on lawyering instead of animal welfare.


Laura HP said...

The Public Guardian is finally doing something, thank goodness...they are suggesting that the THS bylaws are in contradiction with a province Act when it comes to using donor money. Hopefully they can be blocked from that outrageously disgusting action.

Anonymous said...

I think the time has come, since the THS is essentially shut down anyway, to clean house as it were - get a new Board and President in there - that have no connection to the idiots that were there previously.

Criminal charges aside - I think there's enough overwhelming evidence to suggest a serious breach of their duties that would get your ass terminated just about anywhere but politics.

Cathy said...

G&M just published a new article - the story of the ceiling cat is there along with the good news Laura mentioned in her post.
BTW, I like "your story" - where I come from the truth was only found between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Oh Fred that was good...really good!!!