Sunday, November 15, 2009

Successful weekend at Petsmart Adopt-a-thon

I only helped out on Saturday but judging from the few dogs remaining on the Toronto Animal Services adoption page, the Petsmart Adopt-a-thon this past weekend was a great success with most of the dogs brought up to the store getting adopted.

Here are some of them.

This Black Lab was spoken for before I even arrived at Petsmart on Saturday morning. I wanted to take a decent photo of him outside before he was brought to his new home but didn't get a chance so here's his prison photo:

I believe this Scottish Terrier was one of the next to get snatched up, this time by one of the store staff. I have to say, the staff were incredibly good with all the dogs, constantly coming around to hang out with them. The customers who came by to look at the dogs were also very good around them. And most of those interested in adoption seemed like they would provide excellent homes. Only a couple of impulse adopters showed up and they were politely discouraged.

Princess, a Chug (Chihuahua and Pug), still remains and that's surprising because most of the small, cute dogs get snatched up pretty quickly. Princess is a bit exuberant but even the toddler who came in and took an instant liking to her had no problems with her on a leash. Unfortunately, his older tweenage sister put up a fuss against dogs in general and the mother decided against the adoption. That's okay. Princess can do without the drama and someone else will come along soon enough.

I thought Bella, a Toodle (Poodle/Terrier?), would be the first dog to go and she had several people interested in her but her adoption didn't finalize until Sunday. Bella's got a demure manner about her that makes her quite adorable. Maybe her personality was drowned out in the noise and excitement at the store but some lucky person managed to get past the din and Bella should now be comfortable in her new bed.

A woman walked into the adoption area with her husband and was immediately attracted to the two Shih Tzus. She asked a bunch of questions about them and after about twenty minutes couldn't figure out which one she liked more so she decided to take one out for a walk. She picked it up out of its cage and brought it up to her face and kissed it. Then she squeezed it and kissed it again.

She was out with the dog for about thirty minutes and was really pleased with their walk and I figured that would be the one she was going to take but she still wanted to spend some time with the other Shih Tzu. Thirty minutes later she came back with the second Shih Tzu and had made up her mind to take them both.

On a side note, for those who expressed some concern about him, I heard that Rufus finally got adopted by a couple in Buffalo. They had seen his profile on Petfinder and had driven up all the way to Toronto to visit him. I'm very happy for him especially since it was getting to point where there was talk of sending him back to Montreal to see if he would do better there.

And speaking of giants, Tyra was at the Adopt-a-thon with her new owners who happened to be taking her the dog classes offered at the store. She's doing great and the owners, who were originally thinking about adopting a Lab when the went into TAS a couple of weeks ago, are overjoyed with her.


GoodDog said...

What about Butch? Has he been adopted yet? I keep thinking about the poor little guy...

Fred said...

Yes, Butch has been adopted but I don't have info on that yet. I'll try to remember to ask tomorrow.

Laura HP said...

I was there today, the employees were all so nice! Princess had a whole crowd of potential adopters, I can't believe none of them took her. The small animals did great! We got 2 bunnies adopted and 2 guinea pigs, and another bunny may have been in the works as I was leaving. Also one of the employees is interested in one of the rabbits still at the shelter. A good weekend overall!

Also - I saw Rufus getting picked up by his new owners. He was getting a tooooon of attention, I think he can look forward to being spoilt =)

Unknown said...

Fred, thanks for sharing all this wonderful adoption news. I'm so glad the Shih Tzu's got adopted together. Also great news about Tyra and Rufus.
There was a Malteze (SP?) there on Friday, do you know if she got adopted? I hope so because she was ever so sweet.

borderjack said...

I have SO ENJOYED the last few posts! Such wonderful stories.

Fred said...

Hi Rita, I don't know anything about a Maltese but I'm guessing if it's not on the website then it's been adopted.

Heather B said...

Koodo`s to you, Fred, and all the volunteers at TAS for making the Adoption Day such a success.
So glad to hear that Butch has a home and hopefully they will understand that he is in mourning so not quite himself.
Great pics .

Anonymous said...

Wow so glad to hear about the succesfull adopt a thon. I really wish I could have been there. I am also incredibly thrilled about Rufus finding a great home.


Anonymous said...

Yeah wow, when I got there at about 3:30 there was nothing but empty cages!

I'm glad they all got homes, thought for sure Princess was going out with a girl who already had a similar pug(ggle?).

Fred said...

Well, either I missed it yesterday or someone came in today, but Princess, the Chug, has been adopted.

Jenn said...

Ahhh, I'm in love with all those little guys! I wish I could have been there instead of England, I'm now seriously in the market for a dog and a couple of those guys would definitely have peaked my interest. Next time. :)

Serena said...

Dear Fred,

My name is Serena and I am the women who walked into Pet-Smart adoption weekend fell absolutely madly in love with the black and white and Tan Shih Tzus that were on Global Toronto News. I was informed that they were the parents of all the babies who were adopted and that they were in a very bad environment. Update they are beautiful dogs enjoy our walks at the park, travel to Grafton a horse farm with me and spend long weekends in Ottawa with me my husband and our beautiful baby boy who is 7 months old. Would love to send some updated photo's of them. Also I want to see the News clipping about their story but cannot find it anyway.
Can you help me out. I really want to see their story, since I only hear about it from people.
Serena & Theo

Fred said...

He Serena, it sounds like you've given the two little guys a great home. Thanks so much for caring for them and passing along this update.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Global news clip has been removed - probably too old a news item.