Monday, November 16, 2009

Faces that must be squished

... but not too hard, please.

Why do some people, like myself, find weirdly frog faced dogs so appealing? Is it due to our drinking water? Is it from plastics leaching into all our foods? Is it from vaccinations or UFOs spraying hallucinogenic chemicals into our atmosphere? Out of all the purposeless research papers that have been written over the centuries, why has one not been done on this phenomenon?

Here are a couple of prime examples of what ails us.

These Pugs came in as a pair but I'm not sure if they're going to adopted out as a pair. I think there's still some nervousness after what happened with Angel and Butch. But really, if you want one, how can you resist taking both?


Lynda said...

Holy cow! I love them!! They are indeed full of squishiness!!

Lynn said...

Despite regular exposure to squishy-faced dogs, I remain symptom-free. I stared at your pictures for a long time and did not feel even a hint of the ailment of which you speak. But god bless them anyhow.

Social Mange said...

BWWAAAHAAAA! I love smushy faces!