Friday, June 13, 2008

Fresh out of the oven: 3 loaves of fur

A female husky was brought into Toronto Animal Services a couple of weeks ago and while she was being readied for her spay, it was discovered she was preggers. Three days later, three wee ones pop out. This is them at a week plus a bit.

Near the end of the above clip, you can see one of the still sightless pups gets a little confused and tries to suckle on the kneecap of one of its siblings. This is all well and cute until J. tells me that sometimes an overly exuberant and hungry puppy will accidently mistake a bro's peeper for a mom's nipple. A bad move indeed, the result of which is an unpleasant rash on the recipient of said attentions, not to mention the fact that this act is very contrary to family values and just mentioning it will probably land me in the rifle sites of puppy lovers everywhere.

This aberrant behaviour may lead the gentle reader to think that these furballs are indeed living in a den of iniquity. Truth is, they're not doing too badly at the moment but it would be a whole lot nicer if they didn't have to spend their formative next few weeks isolated in a kennel. J. is looking for a foster parent to look after the lot of them until they are weened at around eight weeks. The pups need to be exposed to different environments and different people if they're to be well-adjusted members of dog/people society.

Otherwise, they might just all grow up to be a bunch of ill-socialized, incestuous cocksuckers.

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