Saturday, June 21, 2008


One of the more difficult aspects of dog rescue is getting the dog from where it is to where it should be. Often the journey is split up into several sections with the dog being passed from volunteer to volunteer as it is transported across the country or countries.

Take the Serbian dogs which arrived last Monday for example. They started out at Jelena's shelter in Nis. They were brought to the airport by a taxi driver friend where they were met by Cathrine, an overseas Canadian coming home for a visit. She brought them on board her Lufthansa flight as cargo. Upon her arrival in Toronto, she was met by Elizabeth, Janet and Michelle at the airport. Janet, on behalf of Happy Tails Dog Rescue, would be fostering Koko the scruffy little brown dog while Michelle, who usually does cat rescue, would transport Pinky (named for the pink spot on her nose) to Toronto Animal Services where she would be temporarily housed in one of the spare kennels.

After some exchange of paperwork, Janet departed with Koko and Elizabeth left with Pinky to find Michelle's car and then onwards to TAS.

At TAS, James gave Pinky a quick once over health check and then fed her some food which she gobbled up. Luckily for Pinky, Michelle had taken a liking to her and decided to foster her herself. So, after a few words of advice from James, Pinky was taken home by Michelle where she will spend the next few days or weeks until a permanent home is found for her.

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Anonymous said...

Koko is happy and healthy and living with her new family in Waterloo, Ontario where she is a well-loved girl. She enjoys long walks and sleeping in late in the mornings. Koko likes to spend her free time going to the soccer field to watch her new family play soccer or referee a game!

She was worth every effort made to bring her here even if she smelled really bad when I took her home from the airport. Okay, really really bad.