Friday, June 13, 2008

No thanks, I gave at the office

When I tell people I do volunteer work with rescue dogs, they often say something like,

"Cool, you mean like St. Bernards that go dig up people popsicles buried in avalanches?"
"No, I mean like dogs which have been rescued."
"From avalanches?"
"No, not usually."
"Why not?"

Eventually, I get across I'm talking about abandoned dogs who are looking for new homes. After this light bulb clicks on, there's one of 3 reactions:

a. a verbal "That's nice," accompanied by a mental "but really, who the fuck cares?"

b. disappointment like it's dinner and you're expecting the delivery guy with the fully loaded thirty six ingredient mega pizza but instead it's some kid selling expired chocolate bars from a dirty white plastic bag while his mother waits at the sidewalk itching for a smoke.

c. a mutually agreeable but ultimately unfulfilling discussion about the sins inflicted by man upon beast and what can be done about all that anyway.

If that's all there was, that would be too bad but occasionally, there's a fourth reaction:

d. I'd like to help.

And that's the one that makes it all worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get the strength to throw those starfish back in the sea every day, but I'm glad you do. Hmm. Maybe that strength comes from those lucky starfish.