Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mid journey

video by Bonnie Hall

RT Spinner (aka Willie Wonka), the dog in the poster from yesterday's post, is now in lab rescue in Toronto and he is obviously having a great time showing off his mad fighting skillz. Look at how he quickly and with little effort puts the bigger dog into a submission hold. The bigger dog, Bak, is a Serbian rescue but despite his tough East European training, is no match for the agility of Spinner's ground technique. Spinner's signature move is his falling to the right fake out (hence his initials RT for Right Turn) which causes his opponents to momentarily drop their guard - just long enough for Spinner to pounce. The falling to the right move actually came about after his head injury but he's learned to use it to its full advantage.

Right Turn Spinner will be taking a short break from the fight circuit to get some equipment removed and then he'll be back in fine form for sure.

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