Monday, June 23, 2008

Profile: Fred and Ginger

A woman reports two strange dogs playing together in her backyard and requests animal control officers come by and pick them up.

The two dogs seem very attached to one another so back at Toronto Animal Services they are given the names Fred and Ginger and kept in the same kennel. Fred is the small, quiet and submissive Jack Russel while Ginger is the big, goofy and high energy German shepherd.

Fred is constantly getting stepped on by Ginger as she bounces around but he doesn't seem to mind. He follows her everywhere, letting her be the big sister. In the play room, they take turns climbing up on their visitors, giving kisses and paws, playfully fighting for attention. Usually, Fred and Ginger are taken for their walks together but sometimes, maybe with one of the less experienced volunteer walkers, they are taken separately, one after the other. Then, Fred whines until Ginger returns and Ginger barks until Fred returns.

The bond between Fred and Ginger is strong and so Toronto Animal Services tries to adopt them out together. They are listed together on the TAS dog adoption website for several weeks. Many people visit Fred and Ginger. One couple thinks about taking Fred and giving Ginger to a neighbour. Another talks about bringing both to her parents who live on a farm. There are these moments when you hold your breathe and think it might all work out.

In the end, no one is willing to take on the responsibility of two new dogs and after several weeks with no suitors for the pair, Fred is adopted out separate from Ginger. Ginger spends a sad week alone in her kennel before she too finds a new home.

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