Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheri DiNovo on Pit Bulls and Breed Specific Legislation

Cheri and Miss Vickie

Here's Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-High Park, talking about breed specific legislation and how she's going to introduce a bill to remove it from the Dog Owners' Liability Act. Please excuse the pops and scratches and my humming and hawing. I was originally going to transcribe the interview and you would've been spared the noise but then realized I didn't want to stay up all night hitting play and rewind.

It's more interesting listening to Cheri talk anyway (the sound quality gets a bit better after the first few seconds):

So, if you can make it, please come out in support of this bill on Wednesday, November 18 from 9:30 until noon where there will be a rally in front of Queen's Park.

Update: Cheri also did a radio interview on this. Here's the link:


Ian said...

Interesting Interview.
I hope this doesn`t come down to popularity though.
I`m sure it`s not going to be popular to repeal this.

Why don`t Politicians just read facts?
I read the info that was posted on your blog and on some other blogs that were linked on your blog and it`s very plain that the facts don`t support Breed Specific Legislation.

Anonymous said...

You go, Cheri! She's been there, and it's a joy that she is pursuing this issue.

OMG, I do need to see an audiologist.

Fran said...

Cheri did a GREAT job considering the limitation of time. Ben Mercer called the BAN stupid. Coudn't agree more.

Fred said...

redstarcafe, I think it's my mp3 recorder that needs to see an audiologist.

Anonymous said...

So awsome, She is lovely and very smart. Great great interview Fred. She has so much to say. Nice to have someone like Cheri in parliament sticking up for the issues that really matter. Loved it!!!


bullish about BSL said...

This wonderful articulate, educated and informed MPP is a breath of fresh air in todays politics.

I for one will be booking off some vacation time to support her on November 18 in this effort.

The insanity of BSL must be repealed, and common sense brought back to Ontario.

I salute her.

Heather B said...

I cant be there on the 18th so I sent off a letter to my M.P.P.,asking him to be there for me. I don`t know if he will be able to but I do know that he has been opposed to the BSL from the very beginning. Mr. Hardeman spoke up before this insane law was enacted and I have to believe he will again.
Maybe everyone could ask their own MPP for support, and supply some truth along with your request.

Bethann said...

Thank you for posting this and for the links as well. I was so impressed by DiNovo's interview! She did an excellent job. Unlike the so-called politicians who brought this law into being, she is extremely knowledgeable and well educated on the subject.