Friday, November 21, 2008

An ear for an ear

From The Windsor Star: Rony Salman, the Windsor man who cut his dog's ears off gets his own ear bitten off in jail.
A.K. abuser loses ear in jail fight bite

As Nelson Muntz from the Simpson's would say ... ha ha.


Anonymous said...

now thats justice

tit for tat


Fred said...

BTW, Susan, great new dog descriptions on the TAS site.

Joanne said...

snicker, snicker, snicker and a thumbs up to the fellow felon...snicker, snicker, snicker...too bad he was a little high on his aim....snicker, snicker...oh how I wish I could have been there.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Fred. I enjoy doing it. Its challenging but incredibly rewarding to see my write ups under the photos and to know that it may really help in getting these dogs adopted. Ive got my work cut out for me as James said he got 15 new dogs in today. I better get my thinking cap on and my sneakers ready for Monday.

So mad about that chinese crested dog being returned. Ive never heard anything so rediculous!!!! Diareah???? are you serious??? grrrrrrrrrr


Ian said...

Gotta love it