Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday photos

It was a busy Sunday afternoon. There were lots of new dogs and luckily there were lots of volunteers too so all the dogs got properly walked. They all needed photos as well and I only got about half of them done before the light outside started fading. Here's the first batch.

It's pretty obvious this adorable Yorkie isn't going to be in adoption for long.

This older Lab cross is wondering why it's not at home.

Two magnificent red Dobermans came in on Saturday. This is the male. He's really playful and is super eager when meeting new people.

This is the female. I think she might be the previous one's sister but I'm just guessing. She's more timid than the male but very friendly once she gets to know you. She's got really raspy breathing so hopefully the vet can figure out what's going on with her and get her fixed up.

This Collie is a bit rambunctious but settles right down as soon as someone gives him affection.

This little Westie loves to get up on its hind legs and clap. Another little one who isn't going to be in adoption long.

I had a hard time getting this shy Poodle to come out of its crate which it was hiding in inside its kennel but eventually it made its way out. I picked it up and put it on the bench and then it nuzzled right in beside me and didn't want to move.


Ian said...

Just curious.
Is someone who returned a dog(Reason #491) allowed to just come in and adopt another?
Perhaps hoping to get a "perfect" dog.

I know puppy mills are terrible but I feel even worse for the owner surrenders.

Those dogs must be even more confused and be wondering what just happened to my old life.

I hope they all get great homes.

Fred said...

No, they can't adopt another one, but sometimes they do try. They think they can do a trade in but generally once they've screwed up the life of one dog, their name gets flagged with a Do Not Adopt.

Ian said...

Glad to hear that because I`m sure this 2nd Chinese crested isn`t "perfect" either although it`s adorable.

Joanne said...

Maybe TAS should have a "Do Not Adopt" blacklist that they share with rescue by email... And please tell me they don't get their adoption fee back????

Caveat said...

Fred, that first one isn't a Westie. He looks like a badly bred Silky terrier or a Yorkshire cross.

The bottom one is likely a poodle mix, doesn't look like a poodle except for the coat.

As for the chinese crested types, none of them look like the ones I'm used to seeing (coated or not). They could be CCs mixed with Jack Russells or something.

Of course they are all mutts so it is just a guess. The top one is way off though.

Nice looking Dobe types!

Fred said...

Caveat, you're totatlly right about the Yorkie. Don't know why I typed Westie. Too late in the evening maybe. I'm going to correct that. Thanks.

The Chinese Crested and Poodle are definitely mixes. The CC portion of the CC mix is supposed be of the powderpuff variety. Never even knew there was such a thing but there you go.

Joanne, I don't know if they get their adoption fee back but I suspect not.

Lynda said...

Lovely pictures as usual, Fred!

House of the Discarded said...

I have a thing for any dog with grey around the muzzle. (sort of reminds me of my husband. *wink*)

Fred said...

I just reviewed this post again and it's still wrong. Just got an update and the little white dog is a Westie crossed with a JRT, not a Chinese Crested as I previously wrote. And if I'm still wrong, I give up. It's a little cutie and that's all that matters.

Amaryllis-Analogy said...

The lab I believe is a duck toller lab cross. I rescued one i found when she was 4 weeks shes now 7 months and has 5 dog friends she sees every day.

How big is she? I have no idea how large our pup will be but they have identical shaped faces. My Pippy looks at me the same way.