Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Dane at home in Oshawa - 2

Look how far Ned, now Oliver, the Great Dane from Montreal has come in just a few short weeks.

From Oliver's foster parents:

Hi Fred, Oliver is doing just fine, he now is allowed out of his room during the day, when we are not home, with Luka, He is learning really fast with "leave it" sit and stay. The best is when we feed him. He is learning that he has to lay down away from his bowl until I say "OK". He is improving with leash walks, and this weekend we are going to try off leash at a private lot used just for off leash walks. We will be introducing him to the group of danes we walk with on the weekends. I still can't understand why rescues did not want to take a chance on him, as he is loveable, cuddly, as really smart. He is a puppy at heart and loves to play with toys. He and Luka are doing great. He is still not strong enough for all out dane play but he is quick, and deeks Luka when he needs to. The cat has now accepted that there is another dog in the house and realizes that this one does not care about her and won't chase her like Luka does.

There is no sign of separation anxiety, no chewing, or destruction of anything. But does like the garbage. He is a big goof, who just wants to play and be loved. He is gaining weight, and his ribs are starting to get some coverage, his hind legs are getting stronger, his sores have healed. He is still underweight but that takes time.

I hope to remember to bring my camera this weekend to Dogwood to take pics of him with the other danes we will be with. And I will send you pics of him with, I hope, his new friends.

And then a few days later:

Well, our first off leash with Oliver went amazing, He showed wonderful dog manners, and stayed with the pack. We walked with 11 dogs and 7 humans at a nearby farm. Most of the dogs we were with are rescues. Great dane rescues and other rescues. He was bouncy and seemed to be smiling as he ran through the bush, chasing and being chased. He looked so free... relaxed.... and carefree. A good time was had by all.

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Lynda said...

Oliver is such a sweet boy! He got along very well with all the danes this past weekend and he is so obviously happy to be with his new family!

I'm so pleased this all turned out so well!

Lynda & The Twins