Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Maybe it's time for the dogs in adoption to get a makeover.

More sassy stylin' here.


Ian said...

Give me plain old muddy paws.

Lynda said...

Oh my. As ridiculous as I think that all is, there sure are some talented people out there doing that. Wow indeed.

House of the Discarded said...

Save the money - make a donation to a rescue.

Cahtrine said...

Please tell me this is only one dog with only one idiot owner!

Don't get me wrong: I shave my animals, for their health and mine. I am allergic to fur, and the cuts (along with 4 antihistamine a day and steroids when it gets really bad) allow us to continue to live together happily. And, with the temperature here being what it is, shaving longhaired cats and dogs is a necessity for the animals' comfort.

But, in the end, the dogs look like dogs and the cats still look like cats. It has something to do with respect for the animal as a living thing, not merely a canvas for my misplaced creativity....

Caveat said...

Cool, it's a Griffin (or Gryphon) -guardian of the divine!


I can't imagine how long that took and won't it be a bummer when those vegetable dyes wash out!

I barely have the attention span to strip my 9-lb Rough BG, which takes me weeks as opposed to an hour by somebody experienced.