Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toronto Star Pit Bull article

Good article on traveling with Pit Bulls across Canada in The Star today with some additional blog commentary here. The blog contains a video about the cruel fate of many Pit Bulls which I couldn't watch to the end. I've seen enough suffering dog videos to last 10 lifetimes.


Ian said...

Didn`t watch the video but I hope this gentleman doesn`t lose his dog to this law.
I think many in the public would call this dog a pit type dog and all it`s going to take is one phone call to take this man`s friend away.
I wish him all the best but I fear for his companion.
I wonder if visitors to Ontario can call someplace and find out if their dog can enter?

Ian said...

I just saw a different picture of this dog walking down a highway with this gentleman....if this dog isn`t picked up as a 'pit bull',it will be a miracle and maybe it will help other Ontario Owners if they leave it alone.

Hopefully they leave this gentleman and his companion alone due to the Press coverage that he`s receiving and would receive if they seized his dog.

What a scary,scary Province and sad state of affairs.
You can`t help but hearken back to a different time and place.

When much younger,I hitchhiked many places with various mutts and I`m afraid that many of them would be seized today in Ontario.

Fred said...

In the one photo I saw of the pair in The Star, the dog didn't really look like a Pit Bull type dog to me but I guess when a law is based on such subjective and inaccurate physical descriptions, anything can happen.

Ian said...

Here`s a link to the picture I saw.

I`d be worried if this was my dog.
It sure looks more pit like(Public`s perception) than that dog seized from the young lady a while back.

This photo looks very different(to me) than the Star photo.