Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Animals

Jo-Anne McArthur has traveled to over 20 countries to photograph "the use, abuse and sharing of space" between people and animals. Her website We Animals highlights her work and like most great photojournalism, the images are beautiful and shocking, heartfelt and heartbreaking.

Especially wrenching are the photos under the section Good Intentions. Here are multiple images of animals, dogs mostly, that are being kept alive for religious/ethical reasons despite the fact that many of these animals are living lives of continuous suffering due to their injuries and illnesses.

Frankly, with regards to her photo documentation of our casually inhumane exploitation of animals, I don't know how she does it without feeling somewhat damaged at the end of each day. Let's hope her resilience and strength take her to where she wants to go.

© Copyright Jo-Anne McArthur 2008

This dog can barely move itself around in the crib. I don't know how long it had been like this, face pressed against the bars, when I came across it. Its tail was wagging and it wanted desperately to be loved.
Thailand, 2008.

- Jo-Anne McArthur

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Elizabeth Abbott said...

Jo-Anne is witness to terrible things, and she documents what she sees with extraordinary sensitivity and compassion. Her work is heart-breaking but essential. Thanks for bringing her to our notice, Fred.