Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama's dog

When news got out earlier in the year that Barack Obama had promised his kids a new dog, Best Friends Animal Society, started an on-line petition campaign to get the Obamas to adopt their next dog. Apparently it worked as Michelle Obama announced on Entertainment Tonight a few weeks back that they had decided to adopt a rescue dog.

The American Kennel Club also had their own on-line poll which decided that a poodle would be the best choice for the Obamas. The poodle beat out the Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested for that top spot.

It doesn't look like a Pitbull is going to get into the White House, at least not this year, but that didn't stop Pitbull owners from supporting Obama with their own Pitbulls for Obama website.

Other dog owners, not wanting to be left out, also got involved by showing their support with Great Dane for Obama buttons,

German Shepherds for Obama tote bags,

and Terrier t-shirts,

And inevitably, Obama is going to be the newest fad in puppy names. Here's one Obama already up for sale.

The ad describes the pup:

Good temperament, learns quickly, already can do a sit and a down. Begining leash walking. Take to puppy kindergarten and will be "head of the class". Has a will to please.

Sounds like a bit of a back-handed compliment.

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