Saturday, December 20, 2008

American Kennel Club PSA for Marley and Me

All puppies should come with this warning.


Ian said...

That`s quite good.
Puppy like behavior can last for a lifetime with some dogs so that`s good advice no matter the age of dog you`re taking home.

Neighbors of ours adopted not 1 but 2 cute Golden x puppies for their 2 little kids and both puppies were returned at approx 8 months.

We didn`t vocalize it to them(of course) but we were wondering what age they might tire of their kids.

Caveat said...

Excellent message presented in an entertaining way!

Anonymous said...

That movie looks cute. What a dog!!!!! sure kept his owner on his toes for 13 years!!!


Anonymous said...

Ian is so right. My good, good dogs have some bad, bad habits that I suspect that not all are amenable to training. But, hey! Who among us is so perfect that s/he never needs a little tolerance and forbearance from others?

I promised my two a lifetime of love and care. A promise is a promise. So they are a little noisy, a little over-protective? What is that compared to the joy in their faces when I call them?

Cute puppies grow up into furniture-chewing dogs, and sweet kittens become cats that scatter litter all over the kitchen floor. If you don't know that, then you should not be allowed to adopt any animal.