Monday, December 22, 2008

The TV or the dog?

The following articles frame the choice of pet abandonment as matters of survival in our hard times and for those that truly find themselves on the verge of having to give up their pets to put food in their own mouths, then my sympathies for them and their animals. However, I suspect for most of the dumpers, it's not a matter of life and death, it's a matter of lifestyle. It's a matter of what ends up on their "unnecessary expenditures" lists. For some, the responsibility of looking after a living creature under their care is sacrosanct. For others, a reliable and steady access to "Survivor" trumps Fluffy's food and vet bills every time.

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Joanne said...

I don't buy this nonsense about the current economic situation requiring that you dump your pet. I bet their smoking and drinking habits remain the same. You could always eat a little less and still afford to feed Fluffy. Find a small part-time job to generate a little more money. It is all in how much you want something and what you are willing to do to get and/or keep it. If your life hangs by a thread so thin as a bag of dog food, you need to re-examine your life in great detail. You are living way above your means. These are the type of people who never honour their responsibilities...they expect everyone else to pick up their slack....whether it is their animals or their kids.

Ian said...

Frankly I don`t see how dumping a pet is an option if your pets truly are members of your family.

If you have 6 kids you don`t dump 3 because it would be easier to just clothe,feed and school 3 of them.

Even if you lose your house you wouldn`t dump a child or 2 because you`re homeless.
You might have to make temp arrangements until you get back on your feet.
You might have to ask family or friends for help.
You might have to send a kid or 2 to Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary for a while if they are willing to help you out.
There`s always a solution and dumping a family member wouldn`t even be on our radar.
We would give up TV,phone,our morning coffee,eating out,movies,whatever it took.

Dumping pets wouldn`t be on this family`s radar.
There`s not even a behavior that would make us give up a pet.
Humans aren`t perfect so why do we expect perfection from our pets.

They`re here for life and arrangements are in place for them should something happen to their humans.

Lynda said...

It would never in a million years cross my mind to "dump" any of my pets. (2 great danes, 3 cats and 1 parrot)

They're my family and I would never turn my back on family.