Monday, December 15, 2008

Update on Abby

From Emily, Abby's owner:

After a second day at the vet, we have found out the following:

- The x-rays of her lungs did not show any signs of cancer - THANKFULLY!
- A second biopsy of the mammary lump was taken and the results should be returned by Monday or so, though the vet doesn't think it's cancer.
- Abby had a bump on the front of her left leg that was removed today (I think it was just a wart or something).
- She was only given a half dose of sedation and it took her a very long time to come around - she's taking her time but now that she's home she seems much better - Joanne and I think it may be because she is so underweight and weak).
- We will be starting Metacam again tomorrow as she is really stiff and I'm sure very sore, also (for the last few days, I've had to lift her hind and then front end to get her in a standing position but her spirit is still strong!).

We are going to have an ultrasound done on her heart, probably in the New Year, to see how serious the heart murmur is etc...that will give us a better idea as to whether or not she'd be able to handle being anesthetized for her spay and possibly hip surgery, if that's in the cards down the line. We also want an x-ray of her hips, as well, to see the extent of the dysplasia.

Joanne thinks, and I totally agree, that we should spend the next few/several months working on getting her to gain weight as this will probably give her more of a fighting chance to get through treatment.

So...things are, still, looking so much promising than either of us ever thought. I still don't feel that we are home free but I am so thankful for the continuing good news. I have her on puppy food (Orijen) as the vet recommended a higher calorie food and apparently some dogs have to be taken off the adult Orijen because it makes them too fat. I think she has a slight bit more to grab on her than last week - it feels as though there's a bit more covering her ribs (just a bit at this point) but she is still very thin. She is learning how to chew roasted bones which is so cute to watch and she is starting to get more and more interested in sniffing around outside and watching people, traffic etc...

I haven't had Abby interact too much with Otie and Livi so far - she's gone through a lot in the one week she's been here with 2 days at the vet and recovering but it's been fine, so far. The Labbies are definitely interested in her though it seemed like she really didn't know they were there until a day ago or so. I had kept the French door to the family room closed as of yesterday and kept them separated when she went outside to pee and walk around the downstairs a bit. I now, when I'm home, keep the door open and a baby gate in the doorway to the family room and it's going well. I didn't want to introduce them too fast because she's quite weak and I wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible. It's been just fine, though, and I'll be introducing them a bit more this weekend when my fiancee comes over - so he can take one of my beasties and I'll take Abby -ON LEASH. I want them to walk outside together - Joanne thinks it's a good idea (another Cesar Milan trick). Despite Abby's state/condition, I don't doubt that she'll find the energy in her if she feels defensive or afraid. She saw my foster cat in the hallway and through the glass door she growled and sounded a bark and it was very intimidating. I corrected her immediately, though, and she pulled back right away. Man, when she's healthy and at a proper weight, watch out! She'd be very intimidating - but, luckily, she listens very well.

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Ian said...

That`s great.
You can`t get a better Christmas Present than promising medical results and love.

House of the Discarded said...

Now THAT is a happy girl! I agree with Ian - what a wonderful Christmas gift :)

Anonymous said...

OMG go that scond picture is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!! comfy Abby? I sure hope so, you deserve it. Great update. Thank you for keeping us posted