Friday, December 12, 2008

Googly eyed and snaggle toothed

Gunner's a special dog because he's one of the ugliest dogs I've ever seen. His head's kind of too small for his body and his legs are a bit too long.

He's got this strange way of looking up you like he's got a crook in his neck or something. And because of his googly eyes, you're never sure if he's looking at you or your left shoe.

Luckily, with a dog, in some weird and wacky way, the uglier it is, the cuter it is which makes Gunner a superstar in the cute department. This ain't so I'm not going to wax on about it but I suspect Gunner is going to last about 2 seconds out in general adoption.

Actually, he may not even make it out to general as the word is one of the vets who works with TAS is already interested in him sight unseen - which might be a good thing.


House of the Discarded said...

"Luckily, with a dog, in some weird and wacky way, the uglier a it is, the cuter it is which makes Gunner a superstar in the cute department"
Funny...but that's how I always felt about my children. :)
TAS should charge double for that guy! I love him!

Anonymous said...

Gunner is clearly a rare, pure bred Michelangelo Mop hound: his eyes are exactly the same as those on Michelangelo's David. This is true -- Michelangelo made David google-eyed so that he would look 'normal' from the perspective from which he would be viewed.

Much of the art world thinks David is the most perfect sculpture ever created: thus, clearly, google-eyes are the ultimate in beauty.

As for muzzle and teeth, well, there are Persian cat breeders all over the world striving for just such a face.

So, okay, maybe he is not pure Michelangelo Mop: maybe his grandfather was a Persian... I won't tell if you don't.

Joanne said...

Could he possibly be any cuter... And I am surprised no one recognizes the Shih Tzu blender dog. It is a very rare, rare breed....three parts badly bred Shih Tzu with one part of a mixture of whatever happened to walk by at any given moment. You can tell just from looking he has a sweet, goofy heart and needs a good, warm, loving home.

Update on Abby..the mass is not cancerous from the histology report. It is an exuberant mammary gland...make of that what jokes you will. So, with the vet's agreement, we are going to give her some time to be a dog, get used to her new home and medication, flop in her huge bed, chew some bones, sniff the yard and follow Emily, Otis and Livi around. Everyone absolutely loves that dog. There is one teen age boy who works at the vet and when we picked up Abbyn on Thursday, he was down to her level just hugging and rubbing and scratching her. Very sweet. So far good kidneys, good liver, good blood work, no cancer in lungs or mammary mass. Heart murmur but we are holding off on the echocardiogram until after the holidays so she can have some time before the lumps are removed. We also decided to hold off on opening her up to see if she is spayed...just wait to see if she goes into heat....very high tech diagnostic test. We will also take a look at her hips and back at some point. The vet thinks, all in all, she will live a long and painfree life. So, who threw her away and for what reason. The dog is housebroken, loyal, quiet, obedient beyond belief, smart, cute and also homeless. Poor Abby...guess no good deed goes unpunished baby. Lucky landed in Emily's lap..which is getting mighty crowded right now. Maybe one day Abby will tell me her story......I would love to hear it.

Ian said...

Glad to hear this report on Abby.
I was wondering and I was hoping that no news was good news.

It sure does sound like she fell into the right lap and I`m sure Gunner will also find the right lap.

FrogDogz said...

Gunner reminds me of the canine twin of that fellow who did painting lessons on PBS.

He's completely adorable, and I too am a sucker for 'so ugly they're adorable' faces (present boyfriend excepted).