Friday, December 19, 2008

Post #246

When I started this blog in June, I made a deal with myself to update it daily for 6 months and then see where it's at. Well, it's just over 6 months and the blog is pretty healthy but I've decided I need a break to evaluate. Mostly, it's a time commitment issue. Recently, there have been more and more weeks where I've spent more time blogging than volunteering and that was never my intention. I've really enjoyed the on-line interaction - hence the increased time at it - but now I need to take a moment and rebalance.

In all likelihood, I'll continue but on a scaled back schedule. There won't be a new entry every day, maybe every few days, maybe once a week. I'm not sure. I guess we'll see.

It'll be a bit more relaxing now that I can go back to just spending time working with the "guests" at Toronto Animal Services without having to think about a story angle so often. Really, their stories are all the same. These are the dogs that have been abandoned. Most of them find homes. Some do not. The differences are all in the details but of course it's the details that make life interesting otherwise we'd all just eat, sleep, procreate and die and may as well be mayflies.

I know there'll be more stories, there will always be more stories, and when they occur, I'll get back to the keyboard. But really, the best way to experience the stories of the dogs that pass through the doors of TAS is first hand. I know the dogs will appreciate it and I'm sure you will too.

Thanks for reading.


Brent said...

Yes -- it can get to be overwhelming can't it?

Your blog is a good read. I can respect walking away, or diving in. Do what you gotta do...

Best of luck, both here and at the shelter.

I've certainly enjoyed reading.

Caveat said...

I hear you. Once all the breed bans are gone, I might get back to 3D life myself.

I hope you will find the siren song of the blogosphere irresistible - because that's how I find your writing.

Merry Christmas, Fred, to you and yours and thanks for all you've shared with your invisible friends.

Ian said...

Thank YOU for writing this blog.
I`ve enjoyed reading it since finding it.
Sad and happy stories have made me think and act.
Will definitely come back to read any postings.
I very much like the updates from people who have adopted and the stories from your friend in Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Fred - it's been very fun reading your blog, which I connected to since I'm a member of the GD Meetup. I can definitely appreciate that it must be very time consuming. We've enjoyed the posts! Happy Holidays.


House of the Discarded said...

You know Fred, I remember saying that regarding my blog too. It's hard to stay away when writing is such good therapy.
We need to write or explode :)