Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy pill

Ex-Vick dog:

Thanks to Caveat for the heads up on this and to Donna at Bad Rap for posting it.

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Cathrine said...

The former Vick dogs need to be publicised more widely: if anything puts the lie to pit bull myths, it has to be the amazing rehabilitation of these dogs!

Within weeks of being rescued from the most horrific abuse in a fighting ring, the large majority were shown to be gentle, loving, and smart dogs who only needed love and proper handling to be wonderful companions. Within a very few months, this majority had become loving family dogs, and even trained helpers for the incarcerated and disabled.

Where is the press now that there is a good dog story? Why does it take people like Donna and Caveat and you to get the word out? These dogs should be given as much, if not more, coverage as is given to a pit bull who bites.

Not only are they good dogs, regardless of breed, they show that even the most abused animals can recover when someone cares enough to make the effort.

Bravissimi to all, humans and dogs.