Sunday, December 14, 2008

Designer dogs

All the top fashion houses in Paris and Milan are just raving about this season's designer dogs. Take this combination of Bassett Hound and Foxhound represented by Doudoune of which European Elle says, "The audacity of this look is so moderne it is beyond moderne."

All the rage with the hipsters in Chelsea is shown here by Rufus, a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Pointer. Says British Vogue: "Fab Fun and Fantastic!"

Not to be outdone by its E.U. partners, Germany is also strong this season with its own couture statement represented here by Keo who is part Doberman and part German Shepherd. Says Armani, "I wish I'd thought of that."

The German designers are very strong with their detailing this year as is shown here on a close-up of Neo's tail. "Exquisite," says Chatelaine.

Back over on this side of the pond, the Americans are going retro. Here Snoopy Oki, part Collie, part anyone's guess is looking cool and comfortable with a fun, fancy and flared leg design. "It's the quintessial Americana look," says Klein.


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Fred said...

Rufus and Snoopy have already found new homes. Doudonne and Neo are waiting to be "tweaked".