Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Given to fly

"Omigod, we just adore her."

"Well, good. All you need to do is fill out these forms."

"Oh yeah, sure. We're so excited. She's so cute."

"And you know about her front feet, right?"

"Oh yeah, yeah. That's no problem."

"You know she walks kind of funny and if you want to find out why - and it may be nothing at all - you should take her to a vet to have her checked out."

"Oh yeah, yeah. Sure. We'll take her to a vet first thing. Omigod she's so adorable."

"You don't always notice it but when she walks you can see her front feet are sort of floppy."

"Yes, we'll take her to get her checked out. Don't worry."

Three days later.

"Hi we'd like to return the dog."


"We brought her to the vet and he said there might be something wrong with her feet. We really can't deal with that right now. Sorry."

It doesn't matter.

Those people don't matter.

All that matters is that Raven wants to fly and when the right people see her and fall in love with her and take her home, she will.


spotted dog farm said...

her legs might be a little different because they are actually wings!

(those people don't matter, but they suck anyway.)

House of the Discarded said...

Oh. My. God. I really hate these kind of stories. I've always said that "people only hear what they want to hear." I can't tell you how often this kind of shit has happened to me - it happens in cat rescue too.

Fred said...

jere, you might be right about that. I'll have to start checking for feathers next time I see her.

HotD, one of the staffers hates having to do puppy adoptions because it always brings out the teddy bear shoppers - the ones that just want something cute they can squeeze for a couple of nights with no responsibilities attached.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Those pictures are hilarious. Someone will find this girl and provide a great home for her. Great pics. We have one that just jumps for joy also...

Fred said...

Brent, you're so right about the joy. Many people are missing it in their lives right now and Raven's got it in abundance. It's this stupid, silly, unfocused joy that has no reason to exist and yet it does. It's completely infectious. Just writing about it makes me want to go see her again.

Guess that's what I'll be doing at lunch.

deakat said...

If I could, I'd take the day off work tomorrow to drive down there and bring her back to Ottawa with me.

Fred, if she isn't able to find that forever home with people in your neck of the woods who will appreciate and invest in her, let me know, eh? I'll find a way.


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow..... shes getting so big and from those photos Fred, shes really coming out of her shell lol. Wicked photos Fred


Anonymous said...

The very best part of coming home from a day in the veal fattening pen is when my little guy knows he's going to get a marrow bone and he's all jumpy and licky.
Fortunately, he can't jump as high as Raven, otherwise, the cats' food on the kitchen counter would be in jeopardy (but that's a whole nuther story).
Hope this sweet baby gets lucky with some Good People coming through.

Anonymous said...

I don't so much hate these kind of stories because they are just people being people and hating them or their story doesn't help anything.
What I love is that some of us can see the wings, and that YOU can photograph the joy (and silliness!) so that more will see the magic wings and hear the story and have the opportunity to recognize it for what it is.
There are many winged creatures on this planet. But sometimes those wings are invisible. Thanks for sharing.

Suzie said...

Ay, I have a floppy foot here too - when he jumps he flies, but gravity still gets the better of him...

Returning a dog after a few days may seem wrong, but it doesn't compare to neglecting their exercise and training and then, when they turn out to be less than perfect, because they can't train themselves, people decide "they can't have a dog like that" - they create the issues and then punish their dog for it - where is the responsibility in that?

People wouldn't put their kid up for adoption because of a temper tantrum, but apparently with a dog, you don't have to put in the extra effort, as long as you can just call animal services on them at the first sign of an inconvenience...

Great photos & great blog btw...

Anonymous said...

I know it has been forever and a day since this post, but what ever happened to this dog?

Fred said...

Hi Anonymous, Raven was adopted out but I don't have any updates on her unfortunately.