Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HSUS lawsuit against Petland and Hunte Corp

A couple of weeks ago, CBC's Marketplace did a story connecting U.S. puppy mills with dogs sold by P.J.'s Pets in Toronto. One of the puppy brokers that P.J.'s deals with is The Hunte Corporation which the Humane Society of the United States is now pursuing in a class action lawsuit, alleging that Hunte is conspiring to sell unhealthy puppy mill puppies to unsuspecting consumers in numerous states.

Legally, that's probably the best option because unfortunately, in law, you can't sue someone for being a scuzzbag who perpetuates the sickening conditions that puppy mill dogs are forced to endure their entire lives.

HSUS is not only going after Hunte but they are also going after one of the larger pet store chains that sells the Hunte dogs, Petland. P.J.'s may want to pay attention to this.

In the HSUS video below, they trace back the origins of some of the Petland pups to puppy miller, Kathy Bauck of Minnesota who has hundreds of caged breeding dogs producing thousands of pups a year generating an income for her of $500,000 annually. In 2006, the state of Minnesota found that Bauck was performing surgical procedures including Caesarian sections and botched spaying and neutering on dogs without proper anesthesia. Despite charges of animal cruelty and animal torture, Bauck is still legally breeding and selling puppies.

HSUS Investigator: Is she [Bauck] a good breeder?

Petland Employee: She's a good breeder but I just don't like that she has ten dogs down there ... in her kennel.

Wow, how misinformed can a person be?

P.J.'s, you watching this?


Joanne said...

Just look at that woman..she makes Cruella de Ville look like a saint. Does she strike you as a woman whom takes any pride in anything she does. She claims to make $500,000 a year off the backs of her dogs and can't pay for vet care........ I really hope that there is karmic justice...please, let there be.

Heather said...

The video makes me weep for the dogs.
We have Pet Crazy in Canada. When I asked where their pups were coming from , I was told by staff that they came from " a nice lady in Quebec". I wrote a letter to head office questioning their business connection to puppy millers in Quebec.
I didnt receive an answer and the pups are still being sold in Pet Crazy.
We, here, know that there are hundreds of puppy mills in Quebec. Why isnt someone else looking into this horrid business in this area?

Fred said...

Heather, many would call Quebec the puppy mill capital of North America with an estimated 2000 mills.

CBC (once again) did an expose on that a few months ago.

I don't know if you've read any other posts in this blog but Toronto Animal Services actually rescues a lot of dogs from Quebec millers. In fact we just got some last week ( so, yeah, the public is just now slowly coming around to realizing how bad the situation is in Quebec with puppy mills.

Heather said...

Hi Fred,
Yes I follow several good blogs , including yours of course. The area I was referring to was our own back yard and the stores here in Ontario that sell the puppy mill dogs to good people who have no idea where these dogs are coming from. How can we get the message out . And watching Canadian TV is almost a thing of the past for those who have access to the hundreds of movie channels etc. I try my best to let people know about Quebec`s millers but they just dont seem to care. Or maybe they just dont want to know the truth as long as they get the dog of their choice. I am in rescue and it breaks my heart to see good dogs waiting so long for homes when these scumbags are getting rich while the dogs suffer.
And that means Pet Crazy too.
Makes me angry .

Fred said...

Yeah, educating the public is a long process but I do feel we're making some headway (I hope?) especially when big names like Oprah start doing puppy mill segments on their shows.

Right now, the Quebec government is also being taken to task by various rescues over their refusal to properly enforce their own animal welfare laws especially wrt puppy mills so there may be some advances on that front as well.

In the meanwhile, I suppose we'll just have to keep on saving the dogs we can save.

Pai said...

Wow, that employee thinks 10 dogs is too many? The irony...