Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The little Shih Tzu, Chewy, didn't want to leave his basket so I had to use my secret technique to get him to come forth. It may look like I'm just waving my fingers at him and throwing cookies on the floor but it's actually a specific set of dance steps which took years to perfect.

Okay, so I couldn't tempt Chewy away from his basket. I did, however, manage to eventually get him to trust me enough to let me pick him up and take him out of the kennel. Once outside, he chilled and was totally happy walking on leash.

Chewy will be out and away from here in no time.

Update here.


Ian said...

What a cute little fella.
He seems so scared.
Love that under bite.

Barb said...

He's adorable! Reminds me a lot of a little ShihTzu cross we have, that we rescued about 10 or 11 years ago. He's probably 14 or 15 by now but still going strong, and will fiercely chase any of the Danes across the yard if one of them accidentally steps on him. He's a good little guy, and I'll bet this little dog will make someone a great companion.