Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on Luna

From Luna's (now Hayley) owners:

Hoping all is well. ...Just a quick note letting you know how Luna is doing. Luna seems a little more responsive to "Hayley" so I think we found her new name :). Clapping hands and calling her name is sure to get Hayley to run back to you with a big grin.

I'm finding out quickly that Hayley is one of the most social dogs in this city. She hasn't met a person or a dog she hasn't immediately liked. Overall, she's doing great and she's overcoming some of her uncertainty about her new surroundings. Hayley is quickly learning what sidewalks are and, although she's still a little nervous when buses and streetcars approach, she's learning to confidently ignore them. Car rides are popular -- she loves slobbering on the side windows and will occasionally lean over and give you a kiss when you're driving.

Hayley has a little anxiety and initially was uncertain about laying on anything other than the cold floor but she's quickly making the house hers to explore and now knows it's OK to step onto her bed without being invited. Hayley doesn't really know what to make of dog toys yet. Also, she's not food motivated so "treats" really don't generate a lot of excitement but a run in the dog park bring out all her excitement and playfulness. By the way, she's quite the popular dog at the park and gets along with all dogs of all sizes, male and female.

I found out that she's pretty good at getting into the breadbox when no one's home (the big clue was 1/2 eaten mini loaf of bread and the trail of crumbs leading to her bowl :) -- I've since puppy proofed the kitchen counter). Hayley's extremely well behaved: she stays off the couch (at least when I'm home); she doesn't beg for food; doesn't bark; already knows sit and stay and knows that she needs to sit when reaching any door. We're working on sitting when stopped at the sidewalk curb, working on her leash manners and working on being off leash. Hayley's definitely a smart girl and I'm sure that in a few more weeks she'll continue to learn more and get better.

The neighbourhood vet removed her sutures and gave her a check-up. There was a little discharge and signs of infection from her spaying but the vet is confident that all will be good when she's done with her medication in a few days.

I've found the email address of the Eaton, Ohio shelter and am going to send them a quick email hoping to get a better understanding of her eating and elimination habits. She started out eating less than 1 cup of food a day but is now eating just under 2 cups (she simply gets bored/full and walks away from her bowl).

I'm attaching some pictures -- apologies for the poor quality.

Thank you again for introducing me to Hayley!


Ian said...

Now THAT`S an update!!

Wonderful to hear about Haley`s great new life.

That`s pretty funny about the trail of bread crumbs back to the dish.
She needs to learn to eat all the evidence while on the counter.
That way it will leave the Owners wondering whether there really was a loaf of bread there.

That`s what our dog does,we think.

Fred said...

My dogs are pretty bad at hiding the evidence too. They must've flunked out of dog school.